A Concise Guide to Scooter Maintenance

Scooter Maintenance

Just like with any other piece of technology, regular servicing and maintenance make the difference between the item lasting just a couple of years and over a decade.

Looking at scooters and motorcycles, this could not be more accurate, and if are the owner, or indeed are soon to be the owner, of such a vehicle, then the following guide should help. Continue reading to discover a concise guide to scooter maintenance.

The Correct Tyre Pressure Is Vital

Tyre pressure, although not visible to the naked eye, plays a much more significant role in keeping you safe on the road than you may realise, and it is for this reason that you should always check the pressure of both tyres before you start your journey.

Remember that a too-tightly filled tyre is just as dangerous as an under-inflated one, so always check the recommended ideal tyre pressure and do your best to maintain said pressure at all times.

Check Your Spark Plug

Another crucial part of correct scooter maintenance is ensuring that a professional who is well-schooled in motorbikes and scooters has checked your spark plug at least three or four times a year.

Although this may seem somewhat excessive, not only will a clean and well-functioning spark plug keep you much safer on the road, but it may also make the difference between a clear and crips engine noise and a scooter that struggles to start. Alternatively, providing you have purchased your scooter from a prestigious retailer, such as bmgscooters.com, they will be more than happy to advise you with anything you are unsure of regarding scooter maintenance.

Grease Your Cables

Although motorbikes and electric scooters are vastly different, both in design and execution, one thing they do share is the absolute necessity for well-greased cables.

If you have an older scooter, you are likely to find more than one cable, namely one front brake cable and one on the rear, but on newer models, there is probably only one cable attaching everything to one central frame.

Always ensure that you not only regularly grease and adjust said cables as and when required, but that you take time to perform a brief visual inspection of the cables to check for loose, frayed and worn ends.

Clean the Air Filter

Whether you have a two-stroke or four-stroke electric scooter, you will either have a filter box or an actual air filter box.

It is so incredibly simple to clean your air filter and it only takes a few minutes and, as such, an easy bit of scooter maintenance could save you costly repairs and bills in the future. All you need to do is find the air filter towards the back of the scooter, unscrew the casing carefully, and remove the filter itself. Use specific soap, or indeed just soapy water, to thoroughly clean the filter, remove all dust and debris, and leave it out to dry entirely, before fitting it back into your vehicle.