How to Maintain an Electric Furnace: 6 Quick Tips


When your electric furnace is well maintained and clean, it is more efficient for heating your home. This also makes it last longer. To avoid breakdowns, it’s essential to test your electric furnace regularly. 

Performing the needed maintenance is important. Remember that a furnace gets air from all corners of your home. It often attracts and traps dust and dirt. Cleaning it as often as possible is key. 

One good way to enhance the function of the electric furnace is to clean it once a month, especially during the heating season.

This guide offers effective tips for maintaining your electric furnace. Read on. 

Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Furnace 

There are different methods for keeping an electric furnace in good shape. Below are six useful tips for you.

Clean all ductwork and heating systems 

Every system must be maintained and kept clean on a regular basis in order to function properly. The same applies to your entire heating and cooling systems. 

Before the beginning of every season, ensure that you examine all vents. Make sure floor registers are free of dust, pet hair, scraps of paper, and debris. Also, examine the ductwork, as particles from the vents can move into it.

Clean up any mess around your home with a vacuum. Have you recently do key renovations to your home? Then you may also want to clean the ductwork. You may also need to do this if it’s been years since you cleaned it.

The air blower should be clean

You need to get to the fan assembly before you can clean the air blower. This means you will have to remove the cover panel. While you may need to use a screwdriver to remove some parts, some furnaces have a slide-out unit. 

To clean the air blower, you will need a toothbrush or small brush. Use it to scrub away any dirt that has accumulated around it. Ensure that every blade is thoroughly cleaned. What you scrubbed can be cleaned with the vacuum hose attachment. When you are done with this, use a clean, soft cloth to finish up.

Remember the filter

Another effective way to maintain your electric furnace is to clean the filter regularly. The role of filters is significant in the overall process of the distribution of heat within the furnace. Every unwanted particle in the heated air should be filtered out.

When filters don’t function properly, mites, pollen, dust, and spores may cause discomfort. Locating and replacing the filters of most furnaces is easy. 

To clean the filter, simply disconnect the furnace from its power source. Then get to the blower compartment. You can now remove an older one for a new filter. For better performance, place it right-side-up. 

When in doubt, go back to the manufacturer’s instructions. And follow them thoroughly. Also, reusing a disposable filter is harmful to the furnace. So don’t reuse it.

Decrease the heating load in your home

Warm air leaks out and cold winter air seeps in when the structural shell of a home is weak. You can reduce the heat load in your home by sealing up the envelope of your home. 

But how do you identify the main sources of heating loss inside your house? You may need the services of an HVAC professional. They will give you an audit of your home’s energy. This allows you to identify your home’s weaknesses. 

Pay attention to the blower motor 

The furnace blower motor needs to be working properly. It’s what drives the fan that controls the air movement. The heating component of the furnace heats the heat exchanger till the needed temperature is achieved. The blower motor takes over from here by pushing the air through the heat exchanger.

Apart from giving air to the furnace,  many blowers do also offer air for the AC system. The furnace blower motor is where the filter is installed and it has several working components. You need to maintain it to prevent breakdowns. When a furnace blower becomes noisy, there could be an issue with its electric motor or its wheel. 

Have every required material handy

Before you begin cleaning, you must gather all of the necessary cleaning supplies. Your vacuum cleaner should be close to you. You also need to get the hose attachment intact. 

Other necessary items, such as towels and soft brushes, should be kept on hand. Prepare a screwdriver and a new filter in case a replacement is required.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your electric furnace will save you money and stress in the long haul. With the maintenance tips discussed in this guide, you are good to go. Keeping different parts of this system clean will always get most of the maintenance work done. Finally, reach out to Confort Prestige Terrebonne for furnace maintenance and air conditioner installation in Terrebonne.