What is the first thing you should do with a new fridge ?

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So many people make mistakes when their fridge arrives. This is an appliance that needs care, and once it is not maintained properly, its function may not be effective.

There are components that process cooling in the fridge that must not be overlooked, especially in a new fridge. However, there are things you should do with a new fridge. 

4 Things To Do With A New Fridge

Here are four important things you should do with a new fridge:

  • Let it stand

This is the first thing you should do when you get a refrigerator. Usually, there are fluids in the freezer that are used to cool the compartments. These fluids shake when the fridge is in transit. It is best to let it stand for a few minutes before plugging it in.

If the fridge was placed upright, you could let it stand for a minimum of one hour before plugging it, but if it was facing on its side, turn it the right way before plugging it.

  • Quick Clean

It is good for you to clean the fridge before using it since you will store food in it. You can wipe it with a clean cloth and soapy water. Do not use any chemical products.

Wipe the shelves and inner walls, but if the fridge has an ice maker or water option, you can use water to run through the lines. This helps to remove particles from the fridge during the building process. Make sure you allow it to dry after cleaning it.

  • Choose the right position

Before the arrival of the fridge, you should have made provision for a space in your kitchen for the fridge. Your fridge needs a place where there is enough air to flow around freely. Place the fridge in the center of the room, not against the wall. It should be kept far from gas and direct sunlight.

  • Turn it on

This is the hour you have been waiting for to know whether the fridge is working or not. However, your fridge may work, but you have to leave it for at least 2-3 hours. It takes a few hours to get to the right temperature. After these steps, you can now put your food in your new fridge. 

How to Care for a New Fridge ?

Caring for your new fridge will not take too much. But there are certain steps you must take to make it last longer. Here are a few ways to care for your fridge:

Close the fridge door quickly

Once the fridge door is open for a long time, it loses its cold temperature, and it needs to work for another long period of time to cool things again. As soon as you’re done moving and storing things in your fridge, close the door properly.

Check the door seal of the fridge

The door gasket can get cracked and leak cold air when the door is closed. This wear and tear happen as a result of poor maintenance. Always check the door gasket of the fridge to avoid leakage and save energy.

Arrange and cover items properly

Food should be stored in airtight plastic containers. It helps minimize the moisture inside the fridge and prevents odors that can cause funny smells. The items should be properly arranged in the fridge. This will help in storing or removing items faster.

Clean the fridge once every few days

This is the most important part of fridge maintenance. No one likes a smelly and messy fridge. Once the fridge is dirty, it produces funny odors that can be unbearable.

You should always clean the inside and outside of the fridge using a clean, or Damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Also, clean the door gasket. It saves you from funny smells and messy looks.


These steps listed above must be strictly followed, if not, your fridge may not effectively work. Also, there are so many ways to care for the fridge but most importantly set the fridge at the correct temperature for efficient cooling. Finally, you can buy new freezers from Electrolibre Montreal at affordable prices.