Working Out in a Crowd: Is It Beneficial?


For those who struggle with exercise consistency, group workouts can help. Pressing the snooze button and miss class becomes much more difficult as others rely on you to show up. One study found that performing planks with a partner increased performance over those who did them alone. Here are some other reasons why working out with a crowd can be beneficial.

It’s a Challenge

They form a bond when a group works hard and perseveres through a challenging workout together. And it is often much easier to push yourself past your comfort level with the support of your group. It is why many fitness enthusiasts love the challenge of group exercise. Whether it is a workout challenge that sets a goal for 21 days, 30 days or eight weeks, adding a competitive element to your workout can help to hook clients and keep them engaged with your brand in the long run. It’s also important to provide your clients with the tools they need to succeed in their challenges, including at-home exercises and equipment recommendations.

When someone else counts on you, it’s much harder to let them down by skipping your workouts. Plus, joining group exercise classes in San Jose can make your activities feel less like a chore and more fun. It can even help you expand your exercise repertoire and try new things, as people with different skills may be able to teach you techniques or give you some fresh ideas for improving your performance.

It’s Social

Having a workout buddy is a great motivational tool for people who are often tempted to skip workouts. A workout buddy can also evaluate your form while performing exercises and save you from injuries. Moreover, chatting with a friend during activities and breaks makes time faster. Group workouts provide a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Whether you join a class or a fitness club, working out with a group of people can be fun. Group workouts also help to reduce the cost of exercising as you can split fees for a gym membership, equipment hire or personal training sessions. Having a workout partner or classes to attend helps you stay committed to your exercise routine. You don’t want to let your friend down, so you are likelier to participate in a workout or class. It’s even better if you’ve committed to a regular session, such as meeting your friend for a walk or run at the same time and place every week. It creates a habit that is difficult to break.

It’s Fun

A great way to get your exercise in is through group workouts. You can move your body to upbeat music and have fun with new friends or acquaintances. It will help you feel happier and more relaxed in general, which can aid in reducing stress levels. Working out with a crowd also allows you to try different exercises that may seem intimidating. For example, many people do not want to perform pull-ups alone, but having a friend with you can be very motivational. Your friend can also evaluate and correct your form if you’re not doing it correctly, which could prevent injury. Having a workout buddy or attending class can make you more consistent with your exercise routine. It’s hard to slack off when you know your friend is waiting for you and will give you an earful if you cancel on them.

It’s Accountability

The difficulty of leaving a group workout session increases. After all, you’ve committed to others to meet up and sweat together at certain times, and the thought of letting your friends down is enough to keep most of us from canceling last minute. Plus, the class or training session takes up a prescheduled block of time you can’t use for other purposes, so it’s more likely to become part of your weekly routine. When working out in a group setting, you’re also more likely to push yourself hard based on a phenomenon known as the Kohler Effect. Simply put, no one wants to be the weakest link in the team, so everyone will work to ensure they don’t come in last. If you’re a gym newbie or seasoned pro, add group fitness classes to your schedule this year. You might find you’re more consistent and enjoy your workouts more — especially when upbeat music and supportive people surround you! (Not to mention a trainer on hand to help you push past your limits!) Get ready to rock out and crush your health goals.

Increase Workout Time and Intensity

Working out in a group setting also promotes a healthy dose of competitiveness and can increase your workout time and intensity. It is because you’re inspired by those around you doing better and can be more likely to try new exercises when others are thriving with them. Exercising with a group can be the best way to improve and maintain your health. Whether you take live classes like yoga or boot camp in person or go to one of the many group exercise apps available on your phone, the benefits are endless. Make the most of these benefits, and you’ll surely see improvements in your physical and mental health!