5 Packing and Moving Tips to Save Time and Money

moving tips

What if you could cut your move’s costs in half? Or get it done in half the time? Many people are surprised by how much money and time they can save when they plan ahead and take the proper steps in the moving process.

If you’re planning a move to your new home, have no fear! We’ve got all your packing and moving tips and tricks quickly and conveniently. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you pack up and move out.

1. Make a Comprehensive Packing Plan

Making a comprehensive packing plan is the first step in ensuring a smooth and successful move. Start by obtaining all the necessary packing materials like boxes, tape, and labels. Have a checklist with each item to be packed, placed in the box, and labeled according to which room it should be unpacked in.

Using this system will save a great deal of time as you will not have to unpack and repack already organized boxes. If possible, buy or rent moving supplies such as hand trucks or furniture pads to help save money and time on the move.

2. Choose Supplies Wisely

Getting good quality moving supplies, such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, scissors, and a utility knife, are the first steps in ensuring a successful move. Moving blankets are essential for saving furniture from damage or scratches due to movement in transit.

Plastic bags and plastic wraps are also good ideas for protecting clothing, upholstery, and other household items. Taking measurements of furniture pieces before purchasing packing supplies will allow for the best-sized boxes and ensure the movement of furniture without any problems or damage.

3. Pack Strategically

Start by downsizing and getting rid of unwanted items. Group items together that can easily be packed in the same box so you can clearly label them. Make use of clear plastic containers or zipper bags to store smaller items like jewelry, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Seal off opened products and foods with plastic or aluminum foil to avoid spills. Fragile items should be well cushioned and placed in clearly marked boxes. Color code boxes using stickers and packing tape, making it easier to locate items.

4. Load Efficiently

Make sure the heaviest items are at the bottom and the lightest at the top. When loading boxes and large furniture onto the truck, try not to leave space at the top. Position furniture to maximize space in the truck and use blankets to protect any items that can get scratched.

Be sure to use bungees and straps to secure any large furniture and free-standing items so that they don’t slide around and get damaged. 

5. Seek Professional Assistance for Large Moves

When faced with complex projects like large moving projects, it’s often best to seek out professional assistance. For instance, if you need to store items while moving, self-storage solutions are a great option, as they provide secure and affordable storage units for the items that you need to move.

Professional moving companies can also help to make the process faster and more efficient while ensuring they transport your belongings safely to their new organized home. Additionally, professionals can offer packing services that can help with the tedious task of packing items, saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

Learn More About These Moving Tips

Now that you are more informed on the various moving tips, you can go on to have a more successful and less stressful move. Remember to start your preparations weeks before, pack thoughtfully, and hire movers if possible.

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