Beautiful Barossa: why spring is the time to go

Beautiful Barossa
Beautiful Barossa

The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s most iconic destinations. Bucolic and beautifully fertile, the region is synonymous with Australian bon vivantism and good living.

From its earthy hills to its world famous wine, there are plenty of reasons you would want to hit up this world class wonderland!

What’s even better is that spring is definitely the best time of year to go. The farms, hills and vineyards are coming alive after the winter frost and it is the perfect time to enjoy a tour de vino, do a little hiking, cook something new or just kick back overlooking some utterly gorgeous views.

Here are a few reasons why spring is the time to head to the Barossa Valley:

  1. It is the ideal time for a wine tour

Barossa Shiraz is world famous for its earthy palette. It has become so famous, in fact, that the world’s richest connoisseurs seek out bottles from some of Australia’s – and the world’s – most iconic producers. And, let’s face it: the region wouldn’t be what it is without its incredible vino, and so what better way to start your spring sojourn than a tour?

With legendary producers like Chateau Tanunda, Peter Lehmann and Yalumba all opening their doors for tantalising tastings (as well as some delectable snacks to enjoy on the side!), there is something so invigorating about enjoying the producer’s harvest on the grounds on which it is produced!

  • It’s also great for hot air ballooning

Whilst you may absolutely shirk at the idea of heading up in the hot air balloon in winter time (understandable!), spring is the perfect time to head up high in the sky and take in all the gorgeous spring wonder occurring below. The valley truly comes alive at this time of year, with the hills turning the earthy colours that remind one of its fine wine counterparts in Tuscany.

There is something so special about sawing above the valley in the crisp rarefied air, taking in all the beautiful splendour of the fertile hills below.

Knowing that below you is the land that produces all the wondrous delights you will be experiencing over your stay is a great joy that can only be matched by hopping off and enjoying them yourself!

  • Learn to cook something scrumptious

The valley is not only famed for its spectacular vino – it’s also an Aussie gourmand’s paradise. After all, wherever there is great wine there is sure to be sumptuous cuisine, right?

Well, this fertile region is full of some of the finest produce you could ever hope to find in our antipodean cornucopia.

This means there are plenty of avenues to learn how to cook something new and exciting. The region is full of fabulous cooking schools, with the likes of Casa Carboni, Jacob’s Creek and the Maggie Beer Farm Shop all offering wondrous journeys towards culinary masterdom!

  • Meander the markets

Winter can be pretty fresh for perusing markets, but spring is simply spectacular for filling your basket full of local goodies. Both the Barrosa’s iconic markets offer everything you need to make a feast back at the Airbnb, with all manner of meats, cheeses, fruit, veg, baked goods and anything else to whet your appetite available and in mouth watering abundance.

So, have you been considering a trip to this iconic destination?

You can’t be blamed, and you know you will be heading there at the best time of year for it, too!