How Do You Water Wave Hair

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How do you Water Wave Hair

When you think of the style of water waving, you might think that this hairstyle only looks good on long hair and probably takes hours to achieve. Well, it’s true that water waving can be done on long hair, but it can also be done on short hair! Today we’re going to give you all the information you need to water wave your own hair at home in less than an hour.

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You’ll be able to use this hairstyle for any occasion and make sure that your look is always perfect with this cool style!
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Why Use the Water Wave Method

The water wave method is one of many ways you can permanently change your hair’s texture. It’s popular for its ability to create a large, loose wave or bend in your hair. If you’ve ever blown-dry your hair into a tight curl that only lasts until it gets wet again, you’ll love water waving because unlike heat-based processes, it leaves your hair soft and tangle-free as well as wavy. Plus, since no chemicals are used, there’s less chance of damage to your strands.

The Tools You’ll Need

Water wave hair kits aren’t typically as extensive as other curly hair products, meaning that you probably have most of what you need. All you really need is a diffuser, water spray bottle, and your favorite styling product (gel or mousse are best). But if you want to go all out and create perfect waves every time, a curling iron will be helpful. You can also get some instructional DVDs with comprehensive guides on how to use each tool properly.

The choice is yours!

Steps to Creating A Beautiful Curl Set

Wash hair with a light moisturizing shampoo. Work in conditioner from mid shaft through ends of hair, letting it sit for five minutes before rinsing out. Blot hair gently with a towel to absorb excess moisture then comb through with fingers starting at mid-shaft and pulling toward tips of hair. Apply setting lotion or gel according to manufacturer’s instructions (usually in palms, finger tips first and evenly distribute throughout damp hair).

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Section off hair into small sections and roll each section from root to tip curling as you go with medium barrel tongs or rollers. Secure curlers/rollers in place using pins/clips as needed (optional). Let set for 20 minutes or longer. Gently remove rollers/curlers with your hands or a brush.

Comb through to break up curls and even them out if necessary.

Tips for Maintaining Your Curls Over Time

If you’re looking for a wave look that will last, it may be helpful to think of your curls as a three-step process. First, you can wave hair using a curling iron . After you’ve completed styling with an iron, use hairspray or a texturizing spray to help set your style and keep it from falling flat. Finally, when you are ready to remove your curl look , wash and condition your hair normally and allow it to air dry. The results should last up to a week! While these tips should help guarantee longevity in your waves, know that every head of curls is different—meaning what works for one person might not work for another. If you have any questions about maintaining curly locks, ask questions with knowledgeable stylists before heading into an appointment.