How to Increase Your Clubhead Speed


Golf is a great sport that stimulates your mental and physical health. Even if you’re not playing professionally, like any other sport, you’ll be happy when you score. One of the ways you can become a good golfer is by increasing your clubhead speed. Most players worry that increasing their speed can affect their swing. But with the correct strategy and tools, you can improve without affecting your swing. In the article below, get to learn some tips that can help.

Work on Your Flexibility

When you’re flexible, it becomes easier to do a full turn and generate enough power. Flexibility lets you create longer backswings with wider arcs, hence getting into the right position to increase your clubhead speed. At the same time, it increases your hip mobility, making turning easier in the downswing and backswing. There are exercises you can do to improve your flexibility, such as lunges and squats.

Train Often

Everyone becomes perfect through training. And what better way to increase your clubhead speed than by practicing? Watch as many online tutorials as possible to see which areas you can improve. Even better, sign up with golfing schools like Bird Golf. In fact, physical training is better because your instructor gives you immediate feedback, and you can adjust your swing accordingly.

Using a Lighter Shaft

If you’re an amateur golfer or play for recreational purposes, use a lighter shaft, as it will help you generate more speed. But understand that your clubhead speed may reduce if the shaft is too light. That’s because muscle activation is reduced, and with time, this decreases your strength. Find the right shaft weight that won’t interfere with your strength.

Adjust Your Grip

A good grip is made of two elements, which are grip strength and grip pressure. For starters, your grip shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. When it’s tight, it creates tension around your upper body, reducing muscle efficiency. And when it’s too loose, you won’t have much control of the club, hence affecting your swing. Next, learn how to strengthen your grip, as that lets you control the club much better.

Swing Faster Not Harder

Most golfers swing the club as hard as possible, assuming that’s how they’ll generate more clubhead speed. But often, this can be counterproductive. Swinging harder creates tension in your muscles, causing you to slow down. It also means there’s less possibility you’ll make accurate ball contact. Swinging faster instead of harder lets you generate effortless speed, giving you a better shot.

Strengthen Your Golf Muscles

Another way to increase your clubhead speed is by strengthening your golf muscles. This way, you can put more power and speed into your swings. Do exercises that target muscles such as the lats, pecs, and glutes. It will help if you incorporate explosive exercises like squat thrusts, bench presses, and jumping jacks into your workout routine. All these will build the muscles you use when swinging, such as the shoulder and the chest.

These are some of the ways you can increase your clubhead speed. While you don’t have to implement all of them, pick what works for you and see if it will give you the results you want.