How to Sleep Well When Sharing a Bed with Your Partner

Sleep Well

Sharing a bed with your partner will make you feel closer than ever, but their restless behavior, snoring, or night-time habits might keep you up at night.

If you are tired of feeling tired and want to sleep like a baby once you close your eyes, you might need to make some adjustments to your environment, furniture, and actions.

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Read the following advice on how to sleep well when sharing a bed with your partner.

Change Your Mattress

If you wake up each time your partner rolls over or climbs out of bed, you’d be wise to change your mattress to enjoy an undisturbed sleep each night.

For example, you might benefit from an extra firm mattress that features springs that will move individually, preventing movement in the bed when you or your partner are fast asleep.

It’s a perfect choice for those who want a firmer mattress that will provide superb support and may prevent your partner from waking you when they toss and turn or use the bathroom at night.

Buy a Weighted Blanket

You or your partner may benefit from a weighted blanket if restless at night.

Many people who feel restless at night will notice a difference in their sleep quality when using a weighted blanket.

Different weight options are available from various manufacturers, and you or your other half might need to try different options until you find one that works.

Improve Comfort For Both Of You

Many couples will have different comfort needs, which they might ignore when sharing a bed.

If you want to sleep well each night, you must create a space that feels comfortable for you both.

In addition to identifying a cozy room temperature for you and your other half, you might need to use different pillows to avoid discomfort or stiffness.

Also, you could warm yourself up with a separate blanket when you feel a little cold at night, which is ideal if your partner often feels warm at night or steals the duvet or blanket.

Rule Out Medical Conditions for Snoring

If your partner’s snoring keeps you up at night, or vice versa, it might be caused by a medical condition, such as sleep apnea.

If so, you or your other half could use a CPAP device or other tools and techniques to decrease snoring and protect their health.

It will improve your and your partner’s sleep quality while addressing a serious medical issue.

Reduce Distractions

You may need to make one or more adjustments to your bedtime routine to allow you both to fall and stay asleep.

For instance, you could drown out the sound of your partner’s snoring with a white noise machine.

Also, if your partner’s phone or tablet keeps you awake when they’re texting or reading in bed, you could benefit from wearing an eye mask.

A few small adjustments to your daily routine could create a more comfortable, relaxing environment for you and your spouse each night.