SR-22 After a DUI Charge: What You Need to Know

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Have you recently been charged with drunk driving? If so, you need to understand the steps you must take to get back on the road again.

In many cases, drivers charged with drunk driving must get an SR22 insurance policy. Failure to get this can lead to further penalties, including jail time.

An SR22 is one of the requirements of your DUI sentence. Read on to learn more about what an SR22 is and how you can get one after a DUI charge.

What Is an SR22 Form?

The SR22 form is a vehicle liability insurance document. This form provides proof that an individual is meeting his or her state’s car insurance requirements.

An SR22 is typically filed by an insurance company to the motor vehicle department of an individual’s respective state. An SR22 filing can be fulfilled on behalf of a driver who was in an accident or didn’t support insurance coverage.

What Is Non Owner Insurance SR22?

Non Owner Insurance SR22 is an alternative form of auto liability insurance policy. This helps give coverage to drivers who do not own a vehicle.

It protects in cases of accidents, whether the driver is at fault or not. This proves to the state that the driver is insured, and will cover any damage that the driver may cause. 

How Long Do I Need to File?

The length of time required to file an SR22 varies by state but generally ranges from 3 to 5 years. An SR22 is a document that verifies what an individual has and maintains the necessary insurance coverage required by law.

Once an individual files an SR22, it’s required to support their coverage for a specific length of time. The length of time will depend on the individual’s driving record and the judge’s decision. 

What Are Potential Financial Penalties?

Any violations, a DUI offense, or failure to support the required insurance coverage may result in the revocation of your license or let. Fines may also be applied if you fail to give the SR22 or let your coverage lapse.

The state may suspend your license and impose either a lump sum penalty or must pay installments on the fine. Point accumulations may also be applied to your driving record, thus increasing the cost of your auto insurance premiums. 

How to Obtain an SR22 Certificate?

You will need to contact your insurance provider and they will give you the form after the DUI. You will also pay a one-time fee and possibly higher insurance premiums.

Your insurance provider will then give the form to the state DMV office and you will receive an SR22 certificate from them. Always place a certificate in your vehicle at all times and you should expect to pay for and support the certificate for three years.

A Guide You Need to Know About Sr-22 After a DUI Charge

Having a DUI charge on your record can be stressful and expensive. This guide has provided invaluable insight into understanding and obtaining an SR22 insurance policy.

With the information included, you now have the tools you need to navigate the process and get insured. Don’t let a DUI charge hold you back, contact your insurance provider today to start the SR22 process.

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