Stay Warm: 8 Outdoor Winter Birthday Party Ideas

outdoor winter birthday party ideas

The best time to plan a birthday party for your preschooler is during winter.

Why? Children love to play in the snow, sleet, or frost. There’s no better way to get children to burn off their boundless energy than to throw a winter birthday party with some outdoor activities!

Do you need help coming up with fun and exciting winter birthday party ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Here are eight outdoor winter birthday party ideas to help you plan your event of the year!

1. Have a Bonfire

These outdoor party themes provide warmth in the chilly winter air, a communal gathering space, and the chance to have fun, energetic activities like singing and dancing around the fire. Not only is a bonfire a great way to entertain your guests and keep them warm, but it’s also an opportunity for guests to make beautiful memories by sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company with the bonfire as their centerpiece.

2. Snowflake-Making Session

Kids of all ages can join in a snowflake-making session that encourages creativity and learning through art. Children get to create unique and beautiful snowflakes and discover exciting ways of folding and creating different shapes. 

3. Scavenger Hunt

It allows partygoers to explore their environment and run around the outdoors. They can search for obscure objects, learn about their surroundings, and use their critical thinking skills.

4. Take a Winter Sleigh Ride

A sleigh ride provides an opportunity to bundle up and take in the wintry sights and landscapes during a ride through hilly terrain or a snowy field. Sitting side by side in a cozy warm blanket, sleigh riders can boil a pot of hot cocoa and roast marshmallows for a unique twist on toasty winter fun.

5. Snowball Fight

The game encourages friendly competition and team spirit while allowing participants to enjoy the chill of winter weather. It’s a great way to get kids outdoors and keep them active. The cold weather also presents a challenge as the balls of snow can quickly become icy, making them harder to hit or hold.

6. Movie Night Outside

Movie Night Outdoor allows everyone to stay warm and cozy, even when spending time in the cold weather. While having a movie night outside, everyone can wrap up in cozy blankets, grab snacks, and sit in front of a projector to watch the film.

7. Winter Sleepover

Later, once the sun goes down, they can come in and get warm with some hot cocoa by the fire, listen to stories and play outdoor winter party games, or roast marshmallows. After all the activities are over, the kids can get a good night’s sleep in their sleeping bags and wake up the next day to start over and enjoy the outdoor winter birthday party once more.

8. Building a Big Snowman

Everyone can feel empowered to construct the tallest, most creative snowman ever imagined. It can add a touch of creative flair to a winter party.

Outdoor Winter Birthday Party Ideas 

Whether you opt for a simple picnic in your backyard or a snowshoe party, these outdoor winter birthday party ideas will keep the little ones excited and warm on their special day.

Remember to capture the memories with a camera so you can keep them for years to come! Try one today and make your little one’s winter birthday something special.

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