The Impact of Rising Gas Prices


Today’s economy looks much different than just a few years ago. There is more strain on the average household due to inflation and high gas prices. The average person struggles to fill their gas tanks and must change their lifestyles to stay on a budget. In particular, gas prices can significantly impact the financial well-being of many households. 

Why Gas Prices Create Such an Impact

Gas prices severely impact the buying power of individuals because the cost of everything has risen. However, the gas price from one season to another is highly unpredictable. The price may be below $3 per gallon in one half of the year. Then, the next few months may show the price of gas reaching $4 or more per gallon. 

People who do a great deal of driving throughout the week for work or other tasks are affected the most. Those significant increases in gas prices mean they have difficulty paying bills and buying the items they need for daily life, such as food and household supplies. 

This difficulty in making ends meet translates to the sales many businesses make. While grocery stores and other big box retailers may notice a decrease in sales, it doesn’t have the same dire consequences it holds for the average small to medium-sized business. When sales are down, these businesses close locations, which creates unemployment. 

Rising Gas Prices Contributing Factors  

Many factors determine the cost of gas. The political climate, international relations, and availability are all key points when figuring out the cost of gas. Drilling and refining costs are also a considerable chunk of the cost. It can equate to approximately 14%. Refining includes the cost of hiring professionals, such as Broussard Renegade WLS, to provide wireline and other essential services to propel gas production. 


Some solutions to decrease the impact of high gas prices can include a few options. Some choose to purchase hybrid or electric vehicles. Others carpool and use gas savings programs and apps to make the most of their dollars. Avoiding unnecessary trips while prices are high is a simple and common-sense solution for people who want to start saving money. 


The gas price tremendously impacts every level of the economy and individuals living in the country. Since gas prices fluctuate drastically, it’s a prime topic of interest for almost everyone who drives. When individuals suffer to make ends meet because of unexpectedly high gas prices, every business and employee suffers, whether a small business or a large retailer may need to downsize to accommodate inflation and high operating costs.