Types of Hearing Aides: How to Choose the Right One

types of hearing aids

Hearing loss is a prevalent health hazard, found in most adults and children in the US. As the world continues to get louder due to technology, work environments can pose significant risks to one’s hearing if precautions are not taken.

Thanks to modern technology, there are many different hearing aids to help your hearing loss. However, the many types can make deciding how to choose the right hearing aid daunting to say the least.

This guide will look at the different types of hearing aids available and discuss how to choose the right hearing aid. Keep reading!

Different Types of Hearing Aids

There are many different hearing aides available on the market today. Each type of hearing aid has its own set of features and benefits.

Some common types of hearing aids include behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), and completely-in-the-canal (CIC).

BTE Hearing Aids

BTE hearing aids are one of the most popular types of hearing aids. They are worn behind the ear and are very small and discreet. BTE hearing aids are very powerful and are able to amplify sound very well.

They are also very easy to use and are very comfortable to wear. BTE hearing aids are a great choice for people of all ages.

ITE Hearing Aids

ITE hearing aids are in-the-ear hearing aids that fit directly into your ear. They are custom-made to fit your ear and provide you with the best possible sound quality.

ITE hearing aids are the most popular type of hearing aid, and they are worn by people of all ages. If you are looking for a hearing aid that is small and discreet, an ITE hearing aid is a good option for you.

CIC Hearing Aids 

If you are looking for a hearing aid that will be barely noticeable, a CIC hearing aid may be the best option for you.

CIC hearing aids are the smallest hearing aids available and are worn completely inside the ear canal. Because they are so small, They are less likely to cause feedback and are less visible than other types of hearing aids.

CIC hearing aids are also less likely to pick up wind noise, making them a good choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

The Cost of Hearing Aids

The cost of hearing aids can vary depending on the type of hearing aid and the severity of hearing loss. Hearing aids can range in price from around $100 to $5,000. The average cost of a hearing aid is about $1,500.

Hearing aids can be expensive, with some models costing thousands of dollars. However, there are also many insurance plans that cover the cost of hearing aids, and some government programs offer financial assistance.

There are also a number of organizations that provide free or low-cost hearing aids. Just keep in mind to check on hearing aid reviews to make sure you are getting the best type of hearing aid out for your money.

Choose the Right Hearing Aid for You

Some people prefer a small, discreet hearing aid, while others don’t mind a larger device. It’s important to choose a hearing aid that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re not sure which of the different types of hearing aids are right for you, talk to your audiologist. They can help you find the perfect device for your needs.

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