Unexpected Coverages Under Homeowners Insurance


Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make. So, it is important to protect it with a homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners’ policies typically cover many things, but some are unexpected. Here are surprising things your homeowner’s insurance might cover.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Drone

Homeowners and renters insurance typically covers drones up to the personal property limit of your policy, minus any deductible. It also covers liability claims, such as inadvertently crashing your drone into a neighbor’s window or breaching a person’s privacy. Say you fly a drone and hit a powerline, cutting off electricity to an entire neighborhood. Your homeowners or renters insurance could help pay for repairing it.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Fire

An insurance agency Newark DE, typically covers fire-related damages up to your policy’s coverage limits minus the deductible. It includes structures on your property that aren’t attached to your house, such as detached garages and workshops. It also covers personal property expenses, such as new clothes and food, if you must evacuate your home because of fire or smoke damage. You can add schedules or endorsements for more valuable items to give them more protection.

Coverage for Damage Caused by Meteors

Recently, a meteor streaked across the Michigan skies, sending people scrambling to their windows to see if it hit them. Unfortunately, it didn’t, but this extra-terrestrial run-in raised an important question: Does home insurance cover Damage caused by a meteor? Generally speaking, yes. Asteroids, meteors and satellites that fall from the sky are covered under homeowners’ policies. It is similar to how a tree falling on your house is typically covered under your home insurance policy.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Cattle Stampede

Cows are often hit by cars, causing serious injury to the animal and Damage to the vehicle. Ranchers are protected by laws that allow them to sue anyone who hits their cattle on state and federal highways. It is easier for the rancher to win these lawsuits if the crash occurred on open-range land or was suspected intentionally. But it depends on the specific laws of your state.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Fire

Most conventional house insurance policies include fire coverage. It typically covers repairing or rebuilding your house, personal belongings and additional living expenses if the damage is so severe that you need to move out temporarily. Also, look for loss-of-use coverage, which helps pay for hotel stays and restaurant meals if your home is destroyed in a covered disaster. It’s usually capped at 20% of your dwelling coverage limit.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Flood

Flooding causes massive losses for many homeowners and businesses. It only takes two feet of water to wash away a car. Your possessions are normally covered by flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on an actual cash value basis, less your deductible. However, private insurers may offer higher limits and more comprehensive coverage.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Natural Disaster

Depending on your specific homeowner’s policy, which typically follows the HO-3 Special Form, Damage from certain types of natural disasters is covered. Some are excluded, however, such as Damage from floods and earthquakes. A separate policy is typically required for flood insurance, while a supplemental earthquake policy is available. Homeowners in high-risk areas can also purchase a specialized disaster policy to cover losses caused by wildfires and volcanoes.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Windstorm

Generally, dwelling coverage under your homeowner’s insurance helps pay to repair damage caused by a windstorm. To safeguard your sheds and detached garages from storm-related damage, you can add extra coverage, such as coverage for other structures. Other structures’ coverage typically covers things like a grave marker damaged by a storm. It can be added as a separate policy or through non-profit government-backed procedures.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a hurricane

Although most policies will have a special hurricane or wind-and-hail deductible larger than the average homeowner’s policy deductible, homeowners insurance often covers damage brought on by hurricanes. Most insurance companies also don’t have flood damage in a storm, so you’ll want to consider getting a separate flood insurance policy. Homeowner insurance may cover other structures on your property, such as fences, sheds and gazebos, from hurricane damage up to the other structures’ coverage limit. However, you’ll need to add a flood endorsement for protection from flooding in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Coverage for Damage Caused by a Severe Storm

Damage from severe weather can sometimes be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. For example, if a severe storm uproots a tree that falls on your home, your dwelling coverage may cover the cost of repairs, less your deductible. Personal property coverage may also pay for damaged furniture or spoiled food. Loss of use coverage may help pay hotel bills or restaurant meals if your house is too damaged.