What Are the Different Types of Pork That Exists Today?

types of pork

Are you spending too much money on beef lately? The size of the world’s pork meat market was valued at $346.40 billion in 2022.

Beef prices are high, and many recipes call for beef. If you’re a fan of beef dishes, pork could be your new best friend.

Pork is an excellent alternative to beef, especially if you’re watching your weight. And if you’re an occasional meat eater, pork has flavors and textures that will make you love it.

Here’s a guide to the different types of pork that exist today, so you don’t get burned.

Pork Belly

Pork belly is a type of pork cut popular in many cuisines. It is fatty but contains some lean meat, and various cuts are available with different fat levels. The area of pork meat comes from the underside of the animal.

It can use in pork belly bacon, caramelized pork belly, and roasted pork belly. Pork belly is also used to make cold cuts like ham, bacon, salami, and more. If you want a slice of quality pork with more marbling, resulting in more tender and juicy meat, purchase Berkshire pork belly here.

Pork Loin

Pork loin is a versatile cut of pork that can use in various recipes. Pork loin comes from the back of the pig, where there is more fat and marbling than in other cuts.

Compared to other cuts, pork loin is leaner, which makes it ideal for grilling and roasting because it does not have a lot of fat. Pork loin can also cook with oil and spices in a skillet to bring out its flavor. 

Baby Back Ribs

Many different types of pork exist today, with baby back ribs falling under “spare ribs.” These ribs come from the upper part of the pig’s rib cage and are shorter and leaner than other pork ribs.

Baby back ribs are known for their tenderness, juiciness, and sweet flavor resulting from fat marbling or the tiny bits of fat found in the pork. Some popular preparation methods for baby back ribs include smoking, grilling, and baking.

Pork Steak

Pork steak is one type of pork known for its juiciness and its marbling of fat, providing a rich and juicy flavor. It comes from the loin or shoulder and has a broad flat cut, making it ideal for grilling.

The thin slices make this type of pork ideal for grilling or barbecuing. It can also be sautéed for an even more delicious meats dish. It is also a popular choice for wraps and stir-fries. 

Ground Pork

Ground pork is simply pork that has been ground up, usually using an electric meat grinder or food processor, into small pieces. Ground pork can use in many dishes, such as meatballs, hamburgers, tacos, and chilis.

It can also season or mix with other ingredients to create a unique dish. Ground pork is easily accessible, generally low in fat, and inexpensive.

Understanding the Types of Pork

Today, there is a variety of pork available to purchase. Depending on the part of the animal, preparation techniques, and accompanying ingredients, there are many different types of pork available. Try a new kind the next time you’re cooking pork and experience all the delicious choices pork has to offer.

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