What Are the Most Common Dishwasher Problems?

dishwasher problems

Everyone loves clean dishes, but very few people really know how dishwashers work.

While it’s true that they clean your dishes most of the time, there are certain circumstances that cause dishwasher problems to occur. The question is, what are they?

Below, we’ll list the most common dishwasher problems, along with their solutions. This way, the next time you have an issue with this crucial part of your kitchen, you have a reference point to solve it as soon as possible!

Your Dishwasher is Leaking

Common dishwasher problems include leaking the dishwasher, which can be attributed to faulty water valves, a broken or worn gasket, or a clogged or loose hose. Leaks can also occur if the internal components are not properly balanced or if they become distorted due to excess pressure or accumulation of debris.

To check for leaks, the dishwasher should be cleaned and inspected thoroughly. If a water hose connection or valve is loose or damaged, be sure to turn off the water supply, disassemble and replace the part, then reassemble. If there is no visible damage, the dishwasher should be leveled.

Your Dishwasher is Not Fully Draining

One of the most common dishwasher problems is when the dishwasher is not fully draining, leaving dishes with a soapy or slimy residue. This typically happens if food particles, other foreign materials, and grease block the drain hose or filter or the drain pump has failed.

If the water takes a long time to drain or it leaves a dirty film behind, you should start by clarifying the filter or checking the drain hose for clogs like removed dishwasher rack coatings. If the filter or hose looks okay, you will need to replace the drain pump.

You can also replace the dishwasher coating with a new one if removed. View this dishwasher rack coating for your options. 

Your Dishwasher is Louder than it Used to Be

Another common problem is a home dishwasher becoming louder than it used to be. This is usually caused by worn or broken parts which can cause vibrations in the dishwasher when it’s on.

Worn and broken door seals, clogged spray arms and pumps, worn motor mounts, and broken springs are all likely culprits. In some cases, the motor itself may need to be replaced and should be checked by a technician, and any parts needing replacement should be identified and changed.

Your Dishwasher Won’t Turn On

One of the most common dishwasher problems is a dishwasher that won’t turn on. This could be due to several factors, the most common being an electrical issue.

The broken dishwasher may not be getting power due to an inadequate electrical connection or a blown fuse. If this is the case, you should check the circuit breaker or power outlet your dishwasher is plugged into and ensure that it is tuned on and working properly.

You should also check the power supply cord to make sure it’s connected securely and not damaged. If the electrical outlets are fine, the issue could be a fault with the dishwasher’s internal wiring or with the door switch, timer, or heating element.

Explore These Common Dishwasher Problems

The most common dishwasher problems are easily preventable and can be fixed if you are aware of them. If you are experiencing dishwasher problems, it is important to take immediate action.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent problems from arising in the future. Properly maintaining your dishwasher can save you money and headaches!

Contact your local appliance service provider today to discuss preventive maintenance and repair options.

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