What the Logo Design Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

logo design process

Brand identity goes far beyond your brand logo. Still, communicating your company identity, no other element takes precedence over your logo design.

Your company and brand identity speak to your target market. They should give insight into the type of client your company can assist in reaching their goals or finding the most profitable way to operate their business.

Your logo design process should begin with a comprehensive look at your target audience. It will tell you exactly how your logo looks, what colors, and what fonts speak almost subconsciously to your target market.

Let’s take a closer look at how the logo design process works.

Defining the Clients’ Needs

Logo design is one of the essential aspects of brand graphic design. A logo is the central element of a brand, and it should be able to represent the business ownership or product simply and memorably.

The logo design process starts with defining the client’s needs. It involves understanding what the client does, their target audience, and what they want their logo to communicate. Once the designer understands the client’s needs, they can start exploring concepts and developing ideas.

Research and Inspiration

People think the design process starts with coming up with an idea, but that is not the case. Sure, sometimes a great idea comes first, but more often than not, the process starts with research and inspiration.

It is where you familiarize yourself with the client’s brand and competitors. You collect visual references and start to generate concepts based on what you’ve learned about logo trends. Only once you have a strong understanding of the client and their needs will you be able to create a truly effective design.

Sketching and Brainstorming

In practice, the logo design process usually begins with sketching and brainstorming. It is done in collaboration with the client to get a better sense of their desired aesthetic.

Revisions and Finalizing

After you’ve completed the first draft of your logo design, it’s time for revisions and finalizing. This is when you take feedback from your client and make changes to the design until they are happy with the result.

This can involve making minor tweaks to the design or completely redesigning it. Once the client is happy with the final design, you then need to send them the final files, which can be used for print or digital purposes.

Protecting and Launching the Logo

When you first bring a new logo design to life, ensure to protect it. That means registering it as a trademark and ensuring that you have the proper usage guidelines in place.

Once that’s done, you can start about how to best launch the logo to the world. That might mean a big reveal at a trade show or simply updating your website and social media with the new look.

Understanding the Logo Design Process

Let’s take a closer look at how the logo design process should work. If you’re thinking about redesigning your logo or starting from scratch, it’s necessary to understand the process of designing a successful logo.

A logo design process goes through several rounds of revision and feedback, so be prepared to work with your client to get the best results. Keep in mind that a great logo is an investment that will pay off in the long run, so take your time and make sure you’re happy with the final product.

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