Why Impact Doors Are Essential for Hurricane-Prone Areas

impact doors

Impact doors are essential for any home in hurricane-prone areas. They’re designed to withstand the harsh winds, flying debris, and heavy rains that a hurricane can bring.

They also help reduce noise from the outside. It can be helpful if you live on a busy street or have kids who love to play outdoors.


Impact doors are essential for hurricane-prone areas, where high winds and heavy rains can make the area unlivable. These doors are designed with multiple layers of material and reinforced construction to withstand the strongest storms.

They also help to reduce noise coming from outside. It is essential for people living in busy cities or areas with many aircraft and vehicles around.

The thicker glass and air-tight seals of impact doors do a great job of reducing the noise. It makes it easier for people to sleep peacefully.

They’re also solid and can withstand burglars trying to break them. It deters criminals and makes it harder for them to break into your home.


Hurricanes are harsh weather conditions that can cause extensive damage to homes. These storms are known for their fast winds and heavy downpours.

Impact doors should be taken into consideration when it comes to defending your house. These are specially designed to withstand high-velocity debris from hurricanes.

They also feature thick materials and tight seals, making them more damage-resistant. They are also a great way to save on energy costs.

Hurricane-resistant impact doors are especially beneficial for those living where hurricanes occur regularly. Compared to standard doors, they are made of stronger glass and frames that withstand heavy wind pressures and impacts from flying debris.

Energy Efficiency

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, impact doors are essential to your home’s defense against storm damage and intruders. Not only do they add beauty and security to your home, but they also improve energy efficiency.

The framing material used for your impact door can affect its energy efficiency. Vinyl and aluminum framing is both highly durable and customizable options.

Impact doors are also incredibly energy efficient because they seal the gaps between your home and its exterior environment. It allows your HVAC system to work much less complicated. In turn, it reduces your energy costs and carbon footprint.


Because they are made to endure severe weather and safeguard your house or place of business, impact doors are crucial in hurricane-prone locations. It is because hurricanes often include fast winds and heavy downpours that can destroy a standard door or window.

It is why impact-rated doors have reinforced hinges and frames and special glass to resist shattering in the event of wind-swept debris. Finding impact doors that meet High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing standards is also essential.

Besides protecting your family and property, impact-rated doors can also reduce external noise. It can help you relax and enjoy a quieter living environment.


Impact doors are often overlooked when it comes to hurricane protection. However, a door left unprotected during a hurricane can easily cave in and allow the wind and debris to enter your home.

Impact-resistant doors have a more robust frame than standard doors and insulated glass to keep out rain and protect the interior from hurricane winds. They are also designed so that any broken glass adheres to a shatter-proof membrane, preventing injuries and property damage.

Not only do impact doors provide substantial protective value, but they can also add a significant aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. Impact doors are available in a range of styles to match your decor. A new front door is essential to your home’s overall appearance.