Why Should You Gift an Infinity Ring?

infinity ring

It’s the time of year when giving gifts is on the mind, and if you have gift-giving anxiety, that might be stressing you out!

You have someone special in your life whom you want to impress with a perfect gift, but what should you get them? Have you considered an infinity ring?

But what is an infinity ring anyway? Let’s talk about it! Read on to learn all about infinity rings so you can decide if you want to buy one as a gift.

What Is an Infinity Ring? 

An infinity ring is a ring with an endless loop. Now, you might be thinking “aren’t all rings endless loops?”

The answer is yes. If you’re wearing a ring that isn’t adjustable, it’s an endless loop. An infinity ring, however, has an 8-shaped infinity loop somehow incorporated into it. 

The infinity symbol is a sign of something never-ending. In this case, it’s a sign of a relationship (often a romantic relationship) that will hopefully go on forever. 

In other words, it’s a sign of an eternal commitment.

That said, infinity rings and engagement rings (or wedding rings) are not the same. Infinity rings don’t have the same connotation as the more “traditional” commitment rings. 

Someone who is already married can give a partner an infinity ring. Friends and family members can also give each other infinity jewelry (though rings are less common in that case). 

Of course, some people buy infinity jewelry for themselves because they like the infinity ring symbol. 

Are Eternity Rings and Infinity Rings the Same? What About Promise Rings?

So what about eternity rings? Eternity and infinity are used interchangeably, so these rings must be the same, right? 

Not really! Eternity rings are still symbols of an “eternal” connection, but they won’t have infinity symbols on them. They’re normal rings that are given to people with the same intention as the infinity rings. 

They’re also often fancier, like this gold diamond wishbone ring.

So what about promise rings? Eternity and infinity rings can be promise rings, but remember that promise rings are for romantic long-term relationship partners. They tend to be “pre-engagement” rings in most cases.

You would not give your friend a promise ring but you may give them an infinity ring. 

Why (and When) Should You Gift Someone an Infinity Ring? 

So why would you give someone an infinity ring? 

You’d give them an infinity ring because it shows that you care about them and you intend on being in their life long-term in some capacity. It’s a sign of commitment, even if that commitment isn’t romantic. 

There are many occasions when it would be appropriate to give someone an infinity ring.

If you’re in a romantic relationship with the recipient, giving the ring on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day is a great idea. Just make sure they don’t mistake it for an engagement ring. 

Otherwise, birthdays, days of achievement (such as graduation day), and holidays all make great opportunities to give someone an infinity ring. You don’t even need a special occasion. 

Is It Time to Gift Someone an Infinity Ring? 

If you have someone special in your life, consider giving them an infinity ring! This symbol of long-term love and commitment makes a fantastic gift for close friends or partners. The recipient is sure to love it.

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