5 Basic First Aid Skills Everyone Should Have

Close-up of a first aid kit next to colorful pills, syringe, stethoscope and sterile bandages on a white chair in a medical center

When someone gets injured or is having a health crisis, first aid can help turn things around. This is because a lot of things can happen before an ambulance comes to someone’s rescue. During this time, the person can receive first aid, which can help improve their condition. However, you cannot just go on performing first aid without knowing how to do it. Due to this, you should learn some basic first-aid skills. 

1. CPR

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, can be used to provide a free flow of air in a person. Due to this, it is the perfect thing to do for someone who is having trouble breathing. Also, when someone goes unconscious, the rush of air goes to the brain through the blood. This, of course, jump-starts the brain. All in all, this is a very important first-aid skill to learn. Moreover, this skill is very easy to learn and make use of. With this skill, you will never be caught off guard in such emergencies.

2. Heimlich Maneuver

The Heimlich Maneuver is a move that is perfect for people who are choking or having a heart attack. It involves grabbing the person’s abdomen from behind and squeezing with much force. This aids in the opening of the person’s airways. Due to this, the Heimlich Maneuver helps to keep the person conscious and prevent brain collapse. Therefore, this is a very easy yet useful skill to have.

3. Splints

Bones, although very strong, do get broken. However, this pain multiplies when the bone is not set in its proper position. It might end up tearing delicate tissue around the area. A splint can be used to align the bone in its proper position and provide support for the area. Therefore, this is a skill that you can also use yourself in emergencies.

4. Burns Treatment

Treating burns may appear simple, but with so many of them, it could become critical. However, you need to learn first-aid skills to treat simple burns. That can save the injured person’s life before professional medics can attend to him. 

5. Stop Bleeding

Bleeding from cuts is one of the most common injuries today. However, it should not be taken lightly at all. When you are bleeding, you can end up losing a lot of blood. This can render you unconscious or worse. Due to this, you need to learn how to stop bleeding easily. Therefore, this is a skill you should learn, as you can end up saving lives in the process.

Why Should I Learn Basic First Aid Skills?

First-aid skills are very useful to have. Below are some of the reasons why.

1. It saves lives

A first-aider can also save a life. This is because most of these skills can be used in conditions that are usually life-threatening. Therefore, it can be used to save both your life and the lives of others.

2. Stabilize conditions

Some conditions can get worse if they are left alone. Conditions, such as bleeding, can end up becoming serious later on. Due to this, you can make use of some basic first-aid skills to stabilize the condition.

3. Encourages safety

Knowing some basic first aid skills is an important part of staying safe. More so, healthy safety tips prepare you for the worst situations. Besides, you can also become save a life if you know basic first aid skills. 


First aid skills can help both you and others in emergencies. In other words, learning a couple of first aid skills could save a life. Importantly, first-aid skills will be helpful when medics are not very close. Administering these first aid skills can mitigate whatever danger could have occurred. Moreover, you can learn more first-aid skills from medical school. You can start by acquiring a CPR certificate.

Usually, a CPR certificate requires less than a few months to complete. Finally, you can get your CPR certificate from Impact Santé+. Don’t forget, you don’t have to be in the medical field to learn basic first aid skills. A first aid kit is necessary in every home with children and the elderly. Therefore, you can also reach out to online medical services to order your first aid kits.