5 Creative Conference Table Designs to Boost Productivity


    When it comes to modern conference table design, there is no one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re meeting for business evaluations, customer relationships or collaborative brainstorming sessions, the right setup can boost productivity.

    For example, properly sized tables ensure guests have enough room for chair movement and knee space clearance. Moreover, they can comfortably seat more people than an oversized table.

    Folding Tables

    A modern conference table with folding legs is a great choice for meeting areas where space is at a premium. Not only do folding tables save space when not in use, but they’re also easy to store and move around the room when necessary.

    Many of the conference table for sale come in various shapes to suit a room’s needs and style. Traditional, modern conference tables include circular, u-shaped and rectangular types. Circular tables are great for meetings where equal participation is desired since everyone can see each other. Round conference table layouts are also ideal for smaller spaces, saving on seating capacity.

    Most modern conference tables that specify that they “fold flat” feature two leg sets on opposite ends of the table that fold up together underneath for storage. Square conference tables may have four legs that fold up along one side of the frame. Sometimes, these legs will lock into place to prevent accidental collapsing while in use. Some modern table bases have textured surfaces and bullnose edging for added durability.

    Nesting Tables

    Meetings are necessary for business and collaboration regardless of industry or team size. Meetings are used for everything from customer relations to agenda-focused work sessions. Your choice of conference tables can significantly impact your team’s effectiveness or appointment.

    There are several ways to arrange a conference table, from the classic boardroom setup with a rectangular table and chairs to more contemporary shapes like boats, elliptical, or elongated tables. Some types offer better sightlines for attendees to see presenters while maintaining the power-oriented feeling people expect from a conference room.

    Another fun way to set up a conference table is with nesting tables. These small tables graduating in size can be placed one over the other without touching the legs. They are a great space-saving option in various aesthetically appealing styles.

    Butcher Block

    The butcher block conference table is a stylish choice for a modern meeting room. The material is one of the latest home design trends, but it will look just as sleek in your office. This type of table is durable and easy to maintain. You can customize it at any length to accommodate the seats you need.

    While size and material are the most common factors when selecting a conference table, shape is another important factor. Some shapes promote teamwork, while others project a sense of hierarchy and authority. Whether you choose a traditional rectangular table or a more collaborative circular model, the shape you select will impact the results of your meetings.

    For example, a boat-shaped conference table allows participants on both sides of the table to see those in front and behind them. This allows small workgroups to form easily while maintaining the line of sight necessary for teleconferences. A U-shaped conference table is great for presentations and interactive sessions. It provides a space for participants to converse amongst themselves and an opportunity for the presenter to address the entire group.

    Glass Top Table

    A glass top is a great choice for any table, adding a modern look. Add protective pads the same size as the tabletop to protect your glass from scratching, scuffing and breakage. These pads can be slipped under the table to shield the glass from accidental contact and are available in a wide range of colors and embossed with a monogram or design.

    For a unique touch, create your cork topper that doubles as glass protection and decor. Trace the shape of your tabletop onto a sheet of cork, then cut it to the correct size and glue it to a soft fabric backing. Then paint the topper with chevrons, stripes or vines for a fun and unique look.

    An all-glass table brings a contemporary vibe to any space, easily seating 4-6 people for enjoyable family meals or productive work sessions. Pair this table with chairs crafted in a modern medieval style for an inviting, cohesive look. Choose a rectangular table with an industrial concrete base and authentic-looking details like a stationary crank wheel for a bolder aesthetic.


    A metal conference table is a modern design that adds character and style to any office. While metal may not be as aesthetically pleasing as veneer, it is durable and can look great with almost any type of conference chair. A metal top can also be paired with a glass surface to create a modern and contemporary look that will impress your clients and employees.

    Modular conference tables are designed to be reconfigured in several shapes and sizes. This allows you to fit more people in a room than traditional conference tables. You can also choose from various materials, including laminate, wood, and veneer, to get the right look for your office.

    Another conference table option that is becoming increasingly popular is a circular table. Round conference tables are a great way to convey a sense of equality and allow for more eye contact between attendees. They are also perfect for standing-up meetings, which can help prevent meeting fatigue’ and improve productivity. Many circular meeting tables come with base and trough ports, making it easy to plug-in technology.