6 Common Samsung Galaxy Buds Problems (and What to Do About Them)

Galaxy Buds Problems

Your new headphones should have been great, but somehow everything went wrong. Maybe the audio is fuzzy, or maybe the microphone just doesn’t work. Problems like this happen all the time with complicated technology problems.

You bought one of the most popular headphones in the world – the Samsung Galaxy Buds. But somehow, despite your excellent choice, the buds are causing you all kinds of headaches.

All the problems listed below are common issues that Samsung Galaxy Buds owners have experienced. Read this guide to identify what’s going on and how to solve them.

1. The Buds Don’t Work

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are an increasingly popular piece of technology, but they can sometimes have problems. A common issue is that the Buds are not functioning properly. To fix this problem, it is important to first identify the reason why they aren’t working.

It could be that the wireless signal is not strong enough, or the battery has become drained. If the signal is weak, it is important to move closer to the device that the Galaxy Buds are connected to; if the battery is drained, it can be recharged. This is crucial as the device won’t be able to communicate with the buds. 

Try resetting the buds by pressing and holding the button on the side of the Buds for at least seven seconds. And make sure the latest software update is installed on the Galaxy Buds.

2. Bluetooth Can’t Find the Buds

This can be frustrating and can prevent you from enjoying the convenience of wireless audio. There are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Additionally, force the Galaxy Buds to reset by pressing and holding the two control buttons at the same time until the LED light turns off and then on again.

If these two steps don’t work, check that your Galaxy Buds are not connected to another device. If all else fails, you may need to restart your device. These steps can help you resolve the Bluetooth can’t find the buds problem, so you can get back to listening to wireless audio with your Samsung Galaxy Buds.

3. Can’t Hear Anyone Talk

The issue could be caused by an issue with the Bluetooth connection, which is set up between the buds and the device they’re connected to. To fix this issue, it would be wise to first check the battery life of the Galaxy Buds. If they have a low battery, then charge them. Check if the device they’re connected to is in range, and if not, connect to another closer device.

Turn off any nearby Bluetooth devices or networks that can interfere with the connection. You can also check for software updates for your buds as well as fiddle about with the volume settings. If all else fails, restart the buds and the device they’re connected to, or even factory reset your buds if the problem persists.

4. The Buds Get Hotter

These buds have had some reports of becoming uncomfortably hot while charging, in use, and while they are not being used. It is important to remember that this is a common issue and that it is unlikely to cause any permanent damage. It is advised to keep the buds away from direct sunlight and hot surfaces, as well as to power-cycle the earbuds once a week.

If you find the earbuds becoming too warm while charging, it is possible to purchase temperature-controlled charging cases, which can help keep the temperature to a minimum. And if you are using the buds for an extended period, it is recommended to take regular breaks to prevent excessive heating.

The simple steps should be enough to greatly reduce the chances of overheating, leading to a much more enjoyable user experience.

5. The Battery Doesn’t Charge

Many users have recently encountered an issue with the battery not charging. This problem can be caused by a few things. Check to make sure the charging case is properly connected to the cable.

Make sure that the ports are clean and dust free. If that doesn’t solve the issue, factory reset your Galaxy Buds. You can do this by going into the Local apps on the SmartThings app, then selecting the Galaxy Buds.

Once you’re there, select the reset option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset. If both of these suggestions don’t solve the problem, it is likely that the battery has degraded and needs to be replaced.

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6. There’s an Audio Lag

Many users are reporting a delay in the audio. This audio lag can be an annoying issue that takes away from the listening experience. In some cases, the lag can be extreme, making it hard to use them in applications like gaming.

The most common cause is interference from other wireless devices. To combat this issue, users should try to keep their wireless network free from any unnecessary connections. Restarting the Galaxy Buds and checking the Bluetooth connection may also help.

The issue could also be caused by outdated firmware, so if the lag persists, it is recommended to check for any available updates and install them. And if the problem persists, it is a good idea to contact Samsung for further assistance in diagnosing and solving the issue.

Avoid These Technology Problems for Samsung Galaxy Buds Today

Samsung Galaxy Buds is a great earbud option for users and can provide excellent audio quality and comfort. However, there are some technology problems with them that you can troubleshoot with a few simple steps.

By keeping your buds clean, resetting them, and making sure their pairing is correct, you’ll be able to troubleshoot any problem that may arise and enjoy the high-quality audio provided by the Samsung Galaxy Buds. 

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