9 Tips for Choosing Amazing Wedding Reception Songs

wedding reception songs

Did you know in 2021, the typical wedding will cost $27,063 and around $500 for the music?

Your wedding reception is the most exciting part of the whole day. You can focus on celebrating your love with your friends and family, reminiscing on the bliss that is your new marriage.

So, of course, you want your reception to be perfect. And what could be perfect than an excellent music selection? The best wedding reception songs for reception are ones that people will want to dance to, sing along with, and enjoy.

Not sure what songs to pick? Here are some ideas.

1. Choose Meaningful Songs

When selecting music for wedding receptions, make sure they are meaningful to you and your partner. Think of meaningful moments in your relationship represented in the song. For example, consider a song that reminds you of your first date or a special moment in your relationship.

Songs can bring back memories and be a great way to express your love for one another. Doing so will make your wedding playlist unique and special for you, your partner, and your guests.

Once you’ve chosen a few special songs, you can look for function centres for hire to ensure everything is in place for your reception and that the music will fit just the right venue. This process will be magical, and it’s vital to have a facility that can bring your celebratory ideas to life.

2. Pick a Variety of Genres

Include a variety of music genres to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Young, old, and those in between – having multiple genres of music gives all your guests something to enjoy.

For example, start with classic wedding favorites from the older generations, such as Frank Sinatra or the Beatles. Next, move on to something with a bit of a jazz or swing feel. Then, incorporate elements like country music, R&B, and the top 40 hits your younger guests have grown to love.

Adding a dash of Latin music, acoustic rock, and alternative tunes may also be a great addition for those who enjoy something outside of the mainstream. A good mix of tunes will keep everyone entertained and happy. 

3. Select Music That Fits Your Wedding Theme

When planning a fairytale or storybook-themed wedding, ensure that all your music choices reflect that theme. Some great tips to help you choose to amaze a wedding reception music is to look for those with a magical feel, such as instrumentals that paint a picture in your mind’s eye.

With lyrics, look for songs with romantic love stories, as well as those that reflect the expressive character of your style of wedding. Use popular songs from classic fairytales and storybooks and songs from related genres such as Disney soundtracks or classical pieces.

4. Incorporate Popular Songs 

Provide popular songs that your guests will recognize and enjoy. From romantic ballads to up-tempo hits, countless timeless tunes will get your guests on their feet in no time. Some classic examples include “At Last” by Etta James, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley, and “My Girl” by the Temptations.

Incorporate pop and rock songs from decades past that all your guests will appreciate. Think Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” for a good time. Don’t forget about current hits! Popular songs released recently are always great to incorporate and keep the atmosphere lively and upbeat.

5. Plan Song Choices for Special Moments

It is necessary to consider special and unforgettable moments such as the grand entrance, cake cutting, and the first dance. The grand entrance should be a high-energy introduction to your reception. Choose something upbeat with an appropriate message.

The cake-cutting song should bring the feeling of celebration. Jazz and swing songs are perfect for this moment. The song for the first dance should be memorable and romantic. Spend time with your partner when deciding and planning.

6. Avoid Inappropriate Songs

Keep in mind that most of your guests will be adults, so avoid songs with explicit language or suggestive undertones. What may seem innocent to one person could have a completely different meaning to another.

Make sure the chosen songs will please everyone in attendance and get everyone in the mood for a good time. Do plenty of research to ensure the songs are up-tempo and appropriate.

7. Consult With Your DJ

Your DJ is an experienced professional who will know the songs that will get your guests onto the dance floor and create a fun atmosphere. Discuss with them the atmosphere you want to create, the specific songs you want to play, and any songs your guests might like to hear.

They will use their knowledge and expertise in music selection to suggest the most appropriate tracks. Be sure to ask your DJ for their input–they have the experience and resources to help you choose the right wedding reception songs that everyone will enjoy.

8. Consider the Timing of the Songs

Slower songs are best for dinner, as guests are engaged in conversation, and the music should be unobtrusive. As dinner winds down, move into mid-tempo tunes to dance, building the energy in the room. And when it is time for dancing, up the energy with faster-paced songs.

Besides song type and tempo, consider the ‘life’ of the music—for instance, too many ballads can create a somber atmosphere. Break up songs and create contrasting energy to keep everyone energized, depending on the time of night. As the night winds down, wind down the music, giving guests a sign they should think about wrapping up the night.

9. Create a List of “Must-Play” Songs

Compile a list of must-play songs and a list of songs to avoid. When picking songs for a wedding band, you can look for tunes that have a live vibe and will have your guests dancing.

Do-not-play songs can include anything offensive or overly popular. This can also include music from other cultures or anything too slow, lagging, or just downright boring. 

Follow These Tips for Your Amazing Wedding Reception Songs

Choosing wedding reception songs should be a creative and exciting process. Use these tips to be sure you pick the perfect songs for your special day. Choose meaningful songs from several genres that are popular, fit your wedding theme, and for special moments.

Avoid inappropriate songs, consider the timing, and create a list of “must-play” songs. So have fun, and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask your local wedding DJ for help!

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