Are Natural Shoes the Answer to Overlapping Toes?


Finding shoes that fit correctly can be a challenge. From the length to the width of your feet, there are dozens of factors to remember.

It becomes even more difficult when you have a foot condition like overlapping toes. But what exactly are overlapping toes, and how can it affect how you buy shoes?

Let’s dive deeper into this condition and its causes.

What Are Overlapping Toes?

Overlapping toes are when your toe joints bend in a different direction than the others. It can result in pain, discomfort and even injury if not corrected or treated correctly.

Most overlapping toes happen on the big and pinky toe, but it can also occur in the other toes as well. Other foot conditions like hammer or mallet toe can develop along with overlapping toes.

What Causes Overlapping Toes in Adults?

While there are a few reasons why adults develop this condition, the most common cause is improperly fitting shoes. If your feet don’t fit into your footwear correctly, it can actually disrupt the way your feet function and lead to toe deformities like overlapping toes.

People can also be born with this condition as well. If you have always had overlapping toes or they were inherited from your parents, it can be harder to correct the problem.

Other causes of overlapping toes in adults include arthritis and nerve damage.

What Are Natural Shoes and Are They Good for Overlapping Toes?

Natural shoes are a popular trend among fitness buffs, athletes and even the average person. These shoes are designed to mimic barefoot walking by having a thin, flexible sole that allows you to move your feet in their natural shape and form.

With zero drop in elevation and no toe spring, natural shoes provide an excellent alternative for people with overlapping toes who may find the most traditional shoes uncomfortable or painful.

Natural shoes also provide extra room by having wider toe boxes than usual. This fits more comfortably on the front of your feet, especially if you have overlapping toes.

What Other Health Benefits Do Natural Shoes Provide?

Beyond the comfort of a natural shoe, there are other benefits to wearing them. They can:

  • Help strengthen and tone the muscles in your feet
  • Prevent common foot problems like bunions
  • Reduce heel pain
  • Provide relief for various joint conditions.

In addition to the benefits above, natural shoes provide a break from how the shoe industry has traditionally shaped our feet. They encourage your feet’ natural movement, allowing them room to breathe without constricting.

Final Thoughts

Overlapping toes can be a painful and uncomfortable condition, but it doesn’t have to limit what shoes you wear.

Natural shoes offer a flexible, comfortable and supportive alternative for your feet. They allow your toes to spread out naturally, which can help prevent pain and other complications from developing.

So if you are dealing with overlapping toes, consider investing in a pair of natural shoes. They can help ease the pain and discomfort while also providing other health benefits that can improve your overall well-being.