Are Quality Sports Sunglasses Worth Your Money?

Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a much-loved accessory. But they also play an important role in promoting the health of our eyes.

A lot of consumers go for stylish sunglasses to make a fashion statement. But you must note that fashion means little if your brand new glasses can’t protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

According to the American Optometric Association, only half of the people that buy prescription sports glasses check the level of UV ray protection. And then only half wear sunglasses primarily to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays.

But if you want a better pair of sunglasses, must you go for an expensive designer pair or will cheap sunnies do the job as well? We found some expert advice and are here to tell you whether those expensive sunglasses are worth the hundreds of dollars that they go for. 

About Expensive Sunglasses

Expensive sunglasses are usually worth the higher cost. The designs are based on extensive research, and the high-quality materials used will last longer.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best prescription sports glasses and the price tag is just one of them. You must, however, note that a high price does not necessarily mean that the sunglasses are of high quality. For that reason, you also need to look at the other details and aspects of the sunglasses.

This will help you in determining whether they are worth the asking price. Obviously, if the sunglasses are expensive, then they must meet all your expectations.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out whether that pair of prescription sports sunglasses is worth your money.

  1. UV Protection

Sunglasses are supposed to protect the wearer’s eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s their lenses that shield your eyes from the sun. This ensures that your eyes don’t get damaged or burned when you’re outside.

Although a primary feature of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun, they aren’t all manufactured equally. Some are made with low-quality materials and as such, the protection you seek may be compromised.  Of course, they are less costly. But think of your eyes.

Some glasses have stronger lenses and can block out UV rays. Others can only block out certain types of UV rays, leaving your eyes at risk of damage. Sunglasses lenses are your eye’s best defense against damaging rays. Thus, superior lenses are designed with materials that protect you, fit well, and afford the best visibility.

Poorly designed sports sunglasses are likely to have gaps around the sides of the face or above the eyes. This allows for the rays of the sun to enter your eyes from disparate angles.

Wearing prescription sport sunglasses helps to reduce eye disorders, eye cancer, and painful eye burns. If your eyes are sensitive to the sun, you may need sunglasses that are stronger than those found in some prescription sports sunglasses online stores. Prescription sport glasses with stronger UV protection can be expensive, but (wait for it) Think about your eyes. 

  1. Durability

If you’ve ever purchased cheap sunglasses that broke a few days later, you must know that cheap sunglasses are expensive. It might seem like buying cheap sunglasses will save you money. But if you have to buy multiple pairs because they don’t last long, you will be spending more money in the end. 

This is why it’s much better to just buy one pair of sunglasses that are expensive but durable. If your sunglasses are flimsy and delicate, you won’t be able to wear them anywhere. That’s because they can be knocked off your face or out of your hands and break. 

Stronger and more durable glasses can be won to work, during sports activities, or when having fun and enjoying the day outside. 

Prescription sports sunglasses are made with quality materials and designed for a range of uses. Additionally, they have a more sturdy design and are less likely to break when you’re rough on them.

  1. A Better Visual Experience

Quality sports sunglasses provide a better visual experience: made with high-quality lens materials and engineered lens coatings, your perception of your surroundings is not reduced. 

Remember that quality sports sunglasses provide a proper UV protection to your eyes. Most feature polarization, thus blocking the glare that reflects off certain surfaces. This can greatly enhance your vision, while protecting your eyes, even just driving in your car. With polarization, you’ll notice that glare from the windshield is greatly reduced or absent.

Cheap polarized lenses can help to reduce glare. But the coating may have been cheaply applied to the back or front of the lenses instead of in-between the layers of the lens. This can make cheap polarized glasses more prone to distortion.

The best safety prescription glasses feature glass or polycarbonate lenses that can stand up to everyday use for years. Quality lenses come with additional lens coatings manufactured into them. This helps to keep the lenses in good shape and resistant to superficial wear and tear. 

  1. They Last Longer 

Have you ever wondered whether the lifespan of quality sunglasses outweighs that of cheap sunglasses? Apart from looking better, quality glasses are also built to last longer. That’s because they are built with scratch-resistant coatings. This means that you can keep them in better shape for much longer as they can hold up to a little rough handling.

Quality sunglasses have resilient frames. They are not like cheap frames that warp and break under pressure. The stronger frames of quality sunglasses can last longer, though you also need to take better care of them.

Clearly, you cannot compare quality sunglasses with cheaper ones that are made with low-quality materials. So you’re better off buying expensive glasses that can last longer. 


When buying expensive sports sunglasses, the premium is reflected in the quality of the frame and the lenses. Whether prescription or standard, the materials of the lenses and the premium lens coatings will have your eyes thanking you. 

In addition, with many quality sports sunglasses, the frames and hinges are designed to be taken apart and reassembled, so you can replace parts if need be, or simply for cleaning. You may have also noticed that designer label and brand name shades provide more impact-resistant frame options. This makes them a safer choice for sports and performance sunglasses.