Harem Dresses: What Are These Dresses and How Do You Wear Them?


Regarding fashion, there are many different designs of dresses to wear, and each type is usually more suited for a specific figure.

In 2022, there has been something of an increase in women of all sizes and ages wearing dresses that are looser, partially to accommodate for warmer weather and to not feel uncomfortable when out and about. One of the most common and popular of these types of dresses is Harem dresses, but far from being associated with any religion, this dress type describes the design of the dress. If you are interested in purchasing a dress for next summer, they are well worth looking into.

This article will introduce you to what these dresses are, what they are typically made from, and how you can accessorize them so that they can be a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe!

What Are Harem Dresses?

Looking very similar to a loose, long-fitting maxi dress, Harem dresses typically end in two points rather than an even hem.

They are usually strapped at the top and pulled down at the front as they are designed to be worn in warmer climates, making them ideal as summer dresses. They are also the perfect plus size dresses UK and they can be worn by anyone, regardless of age, without looking out of place.

Common Materials They Are Made From

As mentioned before, these dresses are designed to be worn in hotter climates. When you purchase a Harem dress, it will likely be made of cotton. Some of the more modern renditions also include dresses made from bamboo and hemp or a mixture of the three fabrics. These dresses are designed to help your skin breathe during hotter days, so you should always opt for organic materials if you live somewhere warm.

What To Wear Them With

Some women love the looseness of these dresses, whereas others would like them to be a little bit more fitted. So, they can easily be paired with anything from a poncho to a cardigan, depending on the season you choose to wear them in. Should you be opting to wear a Harem dress in the winter, they are loose enough that you can even put trousers underneath them, making them into a type of long oversized top.


Common accessories to wear with a Harem dress include a belt for women who want to accentuate their waist, sandals, or ankle boots, depending on the season. If you are truly going for a boho or bohemian look, you can also pair this dress with a hat and a pendant. But the accessories are entirely up to you as this dress is extremely versatile!

How To Adapt Them For Each Season

Just because they are designed for summer does not mean you cannot wear them in winter. Harem dresses can be worn with cardigans and trousers underneath, making them appear as something of a long top or even a poncho in their own right. So when you purchase a Harem dress, you can wear them for pretty much any season, and you will look great all year round!