How Do You Know When Your Flow Control Valve Need Replacing?

Flow Control Valve
Flow Control Valve

In a process plant, many control loops are connected to each other to make the final product. Each control loop containing one or more flow control valves performs a specific task. Electronic airflow control valves regulate the pressure and the flow rate. A damaged control valve can cost a heavy financial loss to the company. The best solution to prevent this loss is to capture the fault in the proportional flow valve timely. In this way, you can save costs and time.  

When should you Replace your Flow Control Valve?

Here we have listed some factors to determine when you should replace the proportional flow control valve:

Water Pressure:

If the water starts coming out in a trickle rather than a rush then this sign indicates the presence of debris in the electronic flow valve. In this situation, it is necessary to open and clean the valve. If it still does not work out in your case, then you should replace the flow control valve instantly.  

Strange Noises and Vibrations:

If you hear noise coming out of the electronic flow control valve and you also feel vibrations then you should replace the valve rapidly. Basically, it happens due to the water hammering. It is the most common electronic air flow control valve problem and it happens when a liquid or gas is forced to change direction or to stop suddenly. It can also happen due to a valve being closed at the end of a pipeline. Resultantly, If you keep running the system even after hearing the noises then it can damage the whole system. So, you must not ignore these symptoms arising from the valves. 

High Energy Consumption:

When your systems start consuming more energy than it means that the control valve is not working properly. You should immediately replace the electronic air flow control valve to save yourself from paying high costs because of the high consumption of energy. 

Pipe Leakage:

If you face leakage in the pipes and connections, then you should compulsory check the flow control valves. Because it can happen due to the malfunctioning of a control valve.  Replacing the valve can save you from the stress of system failure. 

Stop Working:

If an electronic air flow control valve stops working, then it can happen due to the valve being used in a condition or place for which it was not designed, the actuator was not of the accurate size, or the position was not right. This is why it is necessary to determine all the information about the environment, position, type and size of the flow digital flow control valve. So that it can work properly with the system without any hassle.  

Final Words:

The failure of the electronic airflow control valve can be prevented by giving proper attention to the working of the valve. With the proper checkups and timely maintenance, you can save yourself from heavy loss.