How To Clean a Suede Purse

how to clean a suede purse

After a wonderful family evening, you scanned everything around. Cleaning the place can be handy. Except for your suede purse, which is full of dirt and stains. Ugh.

It will be a pain to clean, but it’s worth it because this is your favorite purse. But do not worry, for we have something for that.

Follow these guidelines on how to clean a suede purse and find a solution suitable for you.

Best Options on How to Clean a Suede Purse

Suede is a soft kind of leather that looks like velvet because of its brushed appearance. This bag is often considered a luxury item for its high quality and elegant look.

Suede purse cleaning can be difficult because it can easily attract dirt and dust particles. Since washing is not an option, it will require precise procedures or specially designed materials.

A Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar Combination

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are good options to safely clean suede, for they do not destroy the leather. Instead, they could brighten up the color and appearance of the purse.

Use a damp cloth and soak it in white vinegar to absorb even a small amount. Swab the soaked cloth gently over the suede surface with stains or specks of dirt. After a few strokes, observe and check out the result. 

Depending on the amount of dirt, it should take only at least twice to remove it. 

Using Available Brushes

Since we cannot wash or laundry a Suede leather purse, we can use brushes as a first aid approach. Use dry brushes.

Dry brushes can remove thick residues on surfaces by scraping them out with very light pressure. Pressing too hard might ruin your purse’s texture. If possible, do it continuously with one stroke direction.

Then, repeat the whole process but in the opposite stroke direction. This will shake off much of the hardened dirt or stains.

Use a fine bristle brush for edges or stitches to reach small and hidden dirt.

The Protection Spray and Brush Combination

You can also use a protective spray to shield the soft surface of the suede called the nap. It is a commercially available product that restores beautiful leather purses like those found in The Label. A protection spray can act in tandem with a brush and cloth to clean and restore suede leather.

Lay a piece of towel on a tabletop where you can place the purse. With a brush, try scrubbing all obvious dirt and residues lightly. Then, apply an even amount of protective spray covering the whole suede purse.

You can repeat brushing or scrubbing but with extra care. The protective spray will maintain the appearance and color of the suede without discoloration.

The Magic of Suede Eraser Kits

This kit offers a simple trick. Use a simple brush to scrape around areas with spots or residues. Then with suede erasers, try to rub off or “erase” loose dirt little by little. It really works.

The suede eraser kit is commercially available, like other unique cleaning products for suede leather.

A New Look for your Suede Purses

There you have it! With a little patience and a creative approach, you can get your suede purse looking like new again. Just follow these guidelines on how to clean a suede purse.

Cleaning a suede purse will never be a mystery now.

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