How to Get Healthy Hair Naturally?

Healthy Hair

Hair is an essential element of your body, and a good hair day or a bad hair day can really make your mood happy or sad. Besides, many people struggle to maintain voluminous hair, especially during winter season. It is because during winters, your hair become drier and frizzier which results in hair fall and hair damage. Thus, it gets more essential that you make extra efforts to give your hair proper treatment and nourishment. So, in this article we have listed some methods that you can focus on to promote healthy hair growth.

  1. Wash your hair frequently

Taking good care of your hair start with washing your hair on a regular basis. When you wash your hair regularly, you ensure that your scalp is dirt free and oil free. This is an important step for having healthy hair, as excess dirt and oil can result in hair fall issues, and dirt can make your hair dry and rough. Thus, remember to wash off the dirt from time to time to avoid dryness and roughness. Besides, if your hair is already dry, then limit your washes to twice a week, and if you have oily scalp then wash your hair for at least 3 days in a week, so that you can get rid of excess oil from the scalp. In this way depending upon your quality of hair, decide your weekly schedule for washing your hair and follow it without fail.

  • Naturally dry your hair

Using hair dryer for drying your hair after wash is easy and quick, but what many people don’t know is, that hair dryer can severely damage your hair quality. According to the expert trichologists and professionals working at hair transplant clinic, using hair dryer can make your hair thin and rough, especially when you use it often to dry your hair, also excessive heat can damage your scalp as well. Thus, put limits on using excess of hair drying machine, and rather go for natural methods, like sunlight, air drying or towel to dry your hair. Besides, do not comb your hair when they are wet, as wet hair have more tendencies to fall, and it simply results in excessive hair fall, wait till your hair is completely dry and then use comb.

  • Correctly oil your hair

 Oiling your hair is a pre-shampoo treatment which is highly essential. Proper oiling results in adequate blood circulation in your scalp, which is necessary for building healthy and strong scalp. Also, oil strengthens the roots of your hair by properly nourishing them to the core. Besides, it also enables moisture contents to your scalp which is good for repairing split ends and damaged hair. Thus, in simple words, massaging your hair nicely with oil, results in hair growth, and improves the quality of existing hair. However, pay attention to the oil you use for massaging, as every oil has different components and it caters to the requirements of specific hair types. So, you must choose an oil depending on your hair type. Almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are some of the best oils that you can use for better hair growth.

  • Trim your hair often and take precautions

 Not many people follow this, but trimming your hair frequently, is essential for growth and recovery. For instance, watering a plant is not enough for growth, along with watering, trimming the ends and edges of the plant is also essential for faster and better growth. Similarly, your hair also needs regular trimming, as this ensures that you timely cut down spilt ends and other damaged parts of hair. Besides, also try to cut down on habits, such as smoking, heating and so on, as these results in unhealthy hair growth, split ends and early hair whitening. In addition, cover your hair nicely when you go out, this is to protect them from outside pollution and hazardous carbon components.

  • Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated

 When it comes to achieving healthy skin or hair, people and professionals keep on repeating to address your eating and drinking habits. This is because, whatever you consume, directly affects your body and its components like skin or hair. So, it becomes important that your body gets right nutrients to keep its every component fit and healthy. Thus, when you talk about hair, then your hair is made up of proteins and amino acids, and these elements you acquire from the food you eat. If you eat right amount of nutritious food, then you will have healthy hair naturally. Moreover, keep your body hydrated, as lack of water results in slow hair growth, so balancing internal and external hydration is necessary to have healthy hair growth.

  • Use correct comb

Many people don’t pay attention to this, but using a proper comb to set your hair is important. This is because, if you use incorrect comb, then it will simply result in hair fall, as not all types of combs are meant for preventing hair damage. According to experts and stylists, using wide-tooth comb is best for combing your hair than a thin-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb, moves through your hair effortlessly without getting entangle. Consequently, make sure that you pay attention to the quality of comb to promote healthy hair, and to prevent unwanted hair fall and damage.


Maintaining healthy hair naturally isn’t tough, plus it protects you from damages caused by chemical products as well. So, with these underlying methods, you can improve quality of your hair naturally, these methods are associated with ordinary and regular care that you must give to your hair. Moreover, pay attention to the products you use as shampoo, oil and conditioner, as these play a major role at deciding the volume of your hair. If you also wish for thick and strong hair then consider using products that are made more out of natural components, and for shiny and glossy hair include more nutrients in your diet.