How to Pack necklaces for travel


How to Pack necklaces for travel

If you’re taking a trip, whether it’s across the country or just over the state line, you may be packing more than your suitcase can hold. Necklaces are one of those items that are usually overlooked in terms of their size and travel requirements, but they can make packing difficult if you don’t use the right techniques to ensure they don’t get tangled up in everything else you’re carrying. This guide on how to pack necklaces for travel will help you keep all your necklaces separate and tangle-free without having to sacrifice any space in your luggage.

How to Pack necklaces for travel

The Following are a few methods about How to pack necklaces for travel:

how to pack necklaces for travel

Packing Method – The Wire Hanger

Create a necklace looping method. To begin, fold an empty wire hanger in half and bend it into a loop. Then slip it over your head and place it around your neck so that one end dangles under your clothes and out of sight. When you’re ready to wear, drape your jewelry over both sides of the hanger where they will be held securely. If you want your accessories to hang lower when traveling, then select a longer hanger and use two instead of one.

If You Prefer It Hand-Carried: Store them inside a small box or makeup bag with other small items like earrings or pins on top. Place heavier items like pendants at the bottom of your bag so that everything is weighted evenly as possible. Be sure any boxes are wrapped with tissue paper or bubble wrap before packing them with delicate pieces.

Packing Method #2 – The Rubber Band

Wrap your necklace tightly around a chopstick, place that over a rubber band, and then wrap another rubber band around it. When you get to your destination, remove one of these bands (the one furthest from your clasp), put it back on your necklace, and wear. Your other bands will remain tangle-free while you wear them!

This is my favorite method because it’s so easy, takes up very little space in your bag, and keeps your jewelry from tangling or breaking.

The only real disadvantage is that you can’t see your necklace as easily when you want to wear it—but if that doesn’t bother you, go with this option! I love traveling with rubber bands since they seem to get used a lot.

Packing Method #3 – The DIY Necklace Organizer

Use an empty toilet paper roll and 2 binder clips to create a lightweight, easy-to-pack necklace holder. Simply load your necklaces inside of the TP roll, then use binder clips to secure around a t-shirt hanger. It’s important that you load your jewelry in alternating directions (vertically on one side, horizontally on other), so that your jewelry lays flat when it’s not being worn.

When you’re finished, use a lighter or match to seal both ends of your rolled-up necklace organizer.

Then just place it in your suitcase and use binder clips to secure it around a t-shirt hanger. It’s that easy! You can use it on its own, or pair it with your hanging jewelry bag (described above). The DIY Necklace Organizer is light, compact, and perfect for short trips when you don’t want to carry around extra accessories.

Packing method #4 – The String Bag

I prefer using a jewelry pouch or small box to store my necklaces and bracelets. But, if you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to keep your strands of beautiful beads organized, try a mesh laundry bag. I use one designed specifically for swimsuits that can be found in most supermarkets. Mesh bags are essentially miniature versions of those giant over-the-door organizers that you hang on a doorknob. But don’t be fooled by their small size; these tiny pouches can hold quite a lot! I am able to fit up to 10 of my long necklaces and 2-3 long bracelets in just one bag!


When packing necklaces, you should always keep them in a small box. You can carry them on their own or pack them with other items, but you will want to store them separately so they don’t get tangled. A small storage case with dividers is ideal for keeping your jewelry safe and neat during your travels.

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