Importance and Basic Features of a Game Launcher


A game launcher has some basic features that make it useful for gamers. These features include hiding games from the app’s screen, child accounts, PCB Mode, and access to microSD cards. However, these features may not be necessary for you. Regardless of these features, having a game launcher that meets your specific needs is essential.

Gamers can hide games from the apps screen

You can use the game launcher application to hide your games. This app lets you hide games in the app drawer, so they will only be accessible from the game launcher app. It also has an option to add fun to the list manually.

The game launcher also offers many customization options. For example, it lets you disable notifications during a game and lock out the back and recent buttons. In addition, you can record gameplay and take screenshots. Using a game launcher is a great way to keep your phone tucked away.

The game launcher is installed in the Samsung app drawer and can be accessed through the Finder search bar. Once installed, you can enable the game launcher by selecting Settings > Advanced features > Game Launcher. After you’ve allowed the application, you’ll be asked to add games to the suite. If you want to hide games, select “game mode” in the game settings. However, if you’d prefer to see all of the games on your Samsung phone, you’ll need to enable Game Launcher to access the app drawer.

It supports child accounts

Game launcher is one of Samsung’s most consistent mobile gaming applications, with significant monthly updates. As a result, this app has developed into a highly versatile gaming tool and is now compatible with Android 12! In addition to its many features, the game launcher supports child accounts and parental controls. You can even set up a child account on your Samsung Galaxy device.

A child account begins by creating an associated account with a parent or legal guardian. The related budget will allow parents or legal guardians to monitor their child’s online activity and protect their privacy. In addition, these child accounts come with child-specific protections and features for younger players. While this feature is available on PCs, other platforms may require parental controls.

It can access microSD cards.

If you have a microSD card, you can use it as a portable storage device. These cards are great for storing documents, music, and other files. Transferring files to the microSD card is quick and easy. To do so, unmount the card from your phone and insert it into your computer.

MicroSD cards are not as fast as the built-in storage on Android, so your apps will run a little bit slower. You’ll also have to format the card first; otherwise, you might lose all your data. So make sure to use a new SD card after formatting it.

As a developer, you must ensure your app supports external storage. If it does, you can move your apps to the SD card. But you must note that you may have to uninstall and reinstall an app after making the change. Then, you can move it back to the SD card.

It supports PCB Mode

While a game launcher may support PCB Mode by default, some users may want to customize the installation path. For example, if you’re going to run the same game on multiple machines, you can specify a separate install path. This setting can be helpful if you’re planning to change the drive letter. Alternatively, you can point the launcher to a new install location using a registry install path override.

Another great feature of the game launcher is its ability to store program data in the install folder. So, for example, an internet cafe owner could install the launcher on their server and clone it to all the clients’ computers. That way, no additional work is required on the client side.