Six Things You Should Know About SMS For HubSpot


SMS is a powerful tool for your marketing automation campaigns. In addition to answering customer questions, it can also be used for account status notifications, billing issues, and exclusive alerts. It helps increase customer loyalty and productivity and boosts your brand’s reputation. Moreover, SMS enables you to tie together your Marketing, Sales, and Service processes in HubSpot. Message IQ can even complement your existing automation campaigns.

Message IQ Integration

Using the Hubspot CRM, you can automate SMS and MMS marketing with Message IQ. This feature allows marketers to answer customer questions in real-time and respond to customer issues quickly. It’s a great way to boost customer loyalty, boost productivity, and boost your brand’s reputation. Message IQ is also an excellent way to tie sales, Marketing, and Service within HubSpot.

Message IQ is a CRM and email marketing platform that combines a robust platform with a user-friendly interface. In addition, it integrates with HubSpot to bring actionable community user insight to revenue leaders. The integration is currently available in beta.

RingCentral Integration

RingCentral integration SMS for Hubspot enables you to send and receive SMS messages without leaving your HubSpot account. Its integration process is fast and easy, allowing you to combine Email and SMS to maximize your marketing efforts. This is a great way to reach global clients without leaving your desk.

RingCentral’s HubSpot integration is built on RingCentral Embeddable, an open-source project that allows developers to embed a RingCentral phone into a website. As a result, the RingCentral integration for Hubspot SMS is free for developers to use and modify.

SimpleTexting Integration

The SimpleTexting integration for Hubspot lets you send high-quality text messages to your entire list. It requires only a few steps to set up, and no coding is involved. You can even connect multiple apps to automate the process, including other CRM software like HubSpot. This integration makes automation easy for busy people and allows them to focus on more critical tasks.

SimpleTexting is a web-based app allowing you to send text messages to subscribers. It offers features like group messaging, contact management, and analytics. You can also create SMS marketing campaigns with unlimited text messages. SimpleTexting also provides shortcodes with its plans and has a flexible pricing plan that varies based on the number of users. In addition to SMS messaging, SimpleTexting offers other features such as two-way texting, automatic birthday texts, and push notifications. Users can even schedule recurring campaigns to send messages to their subscribers.

Message IQ

Message IQ integrates with your HubSpot account, allowing you to send SMS texts to your customers. The tool syncs your text messages with your Contact Record, and you can integrate Message IQ into your workflows just like email campaigns. It helps you identify which prospects and customers are the most engaged and allows you to build automation to track key metrics across each message.

In addition, it allows you to create as many as twenty-five individual scores for your email campaigns. This helps you see which campaigns are getting the best results, and you can also link supported ad networks with your HubSpot account. The app also lets you associate marketing assets with each campaign, which allows you to view and change their details.

Automated Workflows

HubSpot’s Automated workflows are great for sending automated emails to your customers on specific dates, such as business days, during working hours, and on weekends and holidays. However, before turning a workflow on, it is essential to test it to ensure it works as expected. Depending on the workflow, this could include testing it by replacing personalization tags with user details, checking if it completed the desired task, and running it through a QA checklist.

HubSpot’s Automated workflows tool allows you to create and edit them manually or clone existing workflows. Once you’ve made a workflow, you can modify or customize it, adding your actions and triggers. For example, you can use a workflow to send an email to subscribers who signed up for your blog. You can also use a workflow to send follow-up emails to those who signed up for your newsletter.

98% Open Rate

A high-quality SMS campaign is crucial to your success when reaching a broad audience of potential customers. While email and phone marketing can help you reach your target audience, SMS is far more efficient and effective. It has an open rate of 98% compared to email’s 20% average. This means that SMS marketing can be highly effective and still cost you very little.

One of the essential benefits of SMS marketing is the high open rate, which makes it a powerful tool for boosting customer engagement. A 98% available rate is a fantastic result and ensures your audience will read your message. SMS can also be used with email marketing to deliver important messages to your customers. And it’s easy to set up a workflow around your SMS campaigns in HubSpot.