Luxury and Senior Living in 2022

Senior Living

Picture it; you’ve finally retired after a lifetime of working hard and providing for your family who have flown the nest for new beginnings. Now you have time on your hands, and a family home that has served its purpose well, but now feels a tad too big.

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You want your own space, but you also want luxury and a social circle to enjoy it with. If this sounds familiar, then the senior living life may be for you! Here we’re counting down our favorite luxurious perks to assisted living complexes.

Meals cooked by professional chefs

One of the most grinding aspects of day-to-day life as an adult is deciding what to cook, and when. It can be monotonous and, quite frankly, exhausting after a busy day to come home and have to provide sustenance for yourself or your family. Although your nutritional needs change as you age, we all know how decadent it feels to go out to eat somewhere nice, where you can be assured of a nutritious and delicious meal cooked by a professional chef. That’s why we think that having one on hand from breakfast until dinner is surely one of the biggest perks of assisted living complexes.

New hobby and activity classes

As a retiree, it is of utmost importance to keep your body and mind active. Studies show that seniors who take up new hobbies or activities are the beneficiary of a whole myriad of positive mental and physical advantages. For example, low impact exercise (such as walking, swimming or yoga), can be effective at reducing pain, particularly in joints, when done under the guidance of experts.

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For mental perks, beginning a new hobby such as learning music or book clubs, can not only improve focus, but can also have long term effects on information retainment as well as communication and self-esteem.

Pet friendly accommodation

One barrier to many older people’s ability to move to a more comfortable residence is the thought of having to give up a much-loved pet to other family members, or to become a rescue. Our animals truly do become a part of our family, and as such, it can almost feel like abandonment to leave them (even when we know they will be well taken care of!

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). However, some complexes, like senior living in Dallas Texas, do allow pets to move in too, giving both animal and owner the luxury of peace of mind.

Luxurious facilities

As with other communal living spaces in 2022, senior complexes are often on par with high end hotels in terms of what they can offer. From swimming pools and state of the art gyms to gorgeously landscaped grounds in which you can take a turn (with your dog!

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) and immerse yourself in nature, choosing the right complex for you is a personal choice, and very dependent on your lifestyle.
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Being a senior citizen doesn’t have to be boring. Now that you have the time to really enjoy yourself, it just makes sense to go for the most luxurious of living situations you can – for you and your furry friend!