Planning A Baby Shower? The Essentials You Need To Suit Any Theme

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Baby showers are a relatively new phenomenon where new mothers are given a party before birth to celebrate their pregnancy and receive gifts from loved ones for themselves and their little ones.

While pre-birth parties have been hosted for many years, social media helped to give rise to the baby shower we know it.

Today, research shows that around 64% of expecting couples plan to host a baby shower, and 72% plan on having more than one to include different friendship groups or family members.

So, if you’re planning on hosting a baby shower, either for yourself or a pregnant mom-to-be, then you’ll need to pull out all the stops to make it memorable and fun for everyone.

Every baby shower is unique, and the theme you choose will determine a lot about what you need and how you plan the event.

However, there are some essential items that everyone planning any baby shower, no matter what the theme or specifics, needs.

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Keep reading, and we’ll explore the essentials for any baby shower and how you can choose the right style to suit your event and then make the most of them.

Invitations And A Gift Registry

The first step in planning a baby shower is to set the time, date and location and send out invitations. Once you’ve got an idea of how many people can come and what their requirements are, you’ll be able to consider factors such as menu options and games. So, send out your invitations early and ask for a response to any questions, such as queries about dietary requirements or accessibility needs, by a specific date.

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On the invitation, you should provide a link to your shower registry. A gift registry is a list of the gifts, or types of gifts, that the mom-to-be would like.

Putting a list of presents on an invitation might seem presumptuous, but it can actually be a useful way to get everything you need and make it easier for your guests to buy the right solutions. Consider everything you need to put on the baby registry and choose several gifts at various price points so that there’s an option for every guest.


Every party needs decorations: otherwise, it’s just a group of people hanging around in the same place! Decorations could come in the form of balloons, banners, drapes and more, so visit your local party stores to find décor that suits you. The colour, shape, size and type of decorations you choose will depend on the theme and location of your baby shower, but there are plenty of options out there. Take the time to explore and then play around with different decorations to create the perfect ambience for your baby shower.

Cute Tableware And Cutlery

Most baby showers include some form of food and drink. Think about it: guests might be coming to deliver gifts, but they’re also expecting to be entertained and fed. That means you’ll need tableware that fits the theme. Whatever your chosen theme, whether it’s love, cuteness, or specific to the parents-to-be, you can find some cute tableware to suit. Consider eco-friendly disposable options if you’re hosting a large gathering, as these will help you to reduce your impact on the environment without having to clean up too much afterwards.

Baby Shower Games

Games can be a fun way to break up the gift unwrapping and include guests in the baby shower activities. Consider a range of baby-themed games, such as guessing games around the baby’s weight, date of birth etc, or other themed activities. You could also think about including some other games, such as bingo or board games like scrabble, which don’t necessarily have to be baby-themed but are a fun way to get everyone involved. It can also be a fun way to include the expectant mother, who might not be able to play any physically demanding games but will want to have a good time at her shower.

Thank You Cards

After the party, the expectant mom should send out thank you cards to acknowledge the presence of guests and thank them for their time, support and gifts. When writing your baby shower thank you card, you need to consider the wording and make sure that you provide a personalised message to everyone, from the host to those who gave particularly thoughtful presents. These cards will show everyone you care for them and that you’re grateful for everything they’ve done for you.

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A Final Word On Baby Shower Essentials

New parents often plan several events before the birth of their child, of which the baby shower is just one. There are also baby announcements, gender reveals and other celebrations. When you consider that many people will have several friends in their age group having babies around the same time, then you’re in stiff competition to host a memorable baby shower that everyone will remember for all the best reasons. Preparation is key, and this list of baby shower essentials should help you to ensure that whatever your plan and theme, your party goes without a hitch.