Taking Your Dog to Fife: What You Need to Know


Going on holiday with your dog is both practical and anxiety reducing. Nobody enjoys leaving their family pet behind when they go away, and it can cause you all unnecessary distress. So, if you are going away to Fife with your dog, here is everything you need to know about how to navigate what that means in the best way.

Understand the Limitations

While taking your dog along for the adventure is a great thing to do, it does mean you may face some restrictions in certain places. Lots of places all around Fife are extremely dog-friendly but there will always be spots that are not.

This means you need to research the places you can eat at with your friend along for the ride, and make sure that any attraction you plan on visiting will allow you to take them along as well. Certain beaches may have restrictions on when and where you can take your dog depending on the time of year as well.

So, everything is worth checking in advance as you may need to use the lead more often than you may think.

Make Sure You Get the Right Accommodation

Accommodation will be a big thing that you need to pour some research into. There are lots of places that will support dog friendly holidays in Fife, but make sure you check all of the Terms and Conditions so that you don’t get caught out by extra charges or cleaning fees. Your pet should be made welcome too as long as the host has given the green light, just be respectful and remember to take all of their essentials along with you. The last thing you need is a mad dash to the pet store to find a comfortable dog bed!

Plan Your Travel Carefully

While dogs are allowed on trains, a long journey followed by more public transport is not ideal and will cause both you and your animal a lot of discomfort and stress. The only way to control the time you spend travelling is by going by car and making sure you know where the best places to stop are. This can be a lot of fun for you both because you can plan great places to go for a nice walk and grab a drink along the way, so you will get to see even more as you move around the area.

Don’t Forget Food and Other Travel Essentials

Dogs don’t need much when they’re by your side, but it does make sense to make sure you take along all of their home comforts. Alongside their regular bed, make sure you don’t forget any of their preferred food and think about taking along a portable water option so they can rely on a fresh drink when you are moving around from place to place. If they need any regular medication, pack it in your main bag and stick to their strict schedule too.

Taking a few treats to reward their patience while travelling never hurts either! Taking your dog to Fife is a great option for pet owners who want to take their friend along for the journey. There are lots of dog-friendly places and stays, so dive on in.