Tips for Posing for a Male Professional Headshot

male professional headshot

Everyone needs a great headshot. It can set you apart from the competition–and even get you a job in a niche market.

But going in unprepared can leave you with a photo that doesn’t live up to your potential. It can make you appear dull, unapproachable, or unengaged.

Keep reading to learn a few quick male professional headshot tips that can transform your next photo shoot. If you follow these pointers, you’ll be well on your way to a richer, more compelling image.


Preparation is key to getting a good male professional headshot. Firstly, make sure you are wearing clothing that matches the professionalism of the job you are applying for, such as a suit or collared shirt.

If you’re wearing glasses, make sure they’re clean and don’t reflect light. Then, style your hair in a neat and professional way; comb it back and make sure it’s not overstyled.

Choosing the Right Attire and Accessories

When it comes to choosing the right attire and accessories for a male professional headshot, the most important tip is to keep it consistent with how you normally dress for work.

This ensures you look and feel more confident and accurately represent yourself in the photos. Choose muted colors that are not too brightly colored to take away from the attention that should be focused on the face.

Opt for a long-sleeved shirt and either a tie or a lapel pin to add just a touch of personality. Avoid loud patterns and statement jewelry.

Keeping makeup and facial hair well-groomed is also a key component. Avoid excessive makeup and ensure hair is clean and free from any flyaways.

Setting a Positive Expression

When setting a positive expression for model headshots, the goal is to not appear overly serious or stiff, but rather approachable and confident.

A slight smile can be used to appear open and friendly, which can be better than a strong smile, which often comes across as too strong or intimidating.

Be mindful of the eyes, as they can capture emotion, such as a subtle smirk that may seem amused. The jaw should be relaxed, as a tight jaw can create tension and leave a bad impression. 

Strengthening the jaw muscles through these jawline exercises can help you improve posture and facial expressions, which can really bring out the best in photos.

If the eyes are looking away from the camera, the head can be slightly tilted back to create a more confident posture. Lastly, remain aware of the background and any objects or people in the shot, which can detract from the appearance of confidence.

Finding the Right Camera Angle

It can be helpful to have someone hold the camera at eye level, slightly above, so the subject is looking slightly up. This can help create a more assertive image.

Body posture also matters when posed for a professional headshot – shoulders back and chin parallel to the ground can help the subject appear confident and in control.

To ensure the picture is properly composed, it is best to make sure that the image is framed with the head still in the center.

Learn More About Male Professional Headshots Today

The tips mentioned will help men create a well-crafted male professional headshot that captures attention and conveys a lasting impression. 

Choose an experienced professional photographer to ensure you look your best in the final product. Schedule a session to maintain your professional image!

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