Tips to Get Started Running a Charity Campaign

Charity Campaign

Running a campaign for a charity can be a daunting process – particularly if you have little experience in budgeting or marketing. Charities aim to keep their costs as low as possible but still need their promotion to reach out to the widest possible demographic and inspire action in the form of donations. However, this mix can be difficult to achieve when the funds are tight.  

Nonetheless, there are a few established tips and guidelines that have been used successfully in the past by fundraisers to generate money for their marketing and promotion without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to get started with a charity campaign, read on for more advice.

Clearly Define Your Cause

There’s little point in trying to promote a campaign if you don’t have a clear idea of the reason for your campaign and the way you’re going to entice donations to your cause. Note, this needn’t necessarily be set in stone as you will likely find you tweak your promotions tactics over time, but you should still try to have a clear idea of the underlying campaign message.

Identify Your Target Demographic and Always Keep Them Front and Center

Knowing and understanding your audience is going to be critical to your campaign success. Plus, it will form a large part of how you try to approach potential givers. You should try to qualify the main traits of your demographic – everything from where they spend time to the social media platforms they use, whether they’ve given to your cause already, whether they’re already aware of your particular charity, and so on. The better you understand your audience, the greater the likelihood you’ll find the best ways to approach them and attract their attention.

Choose Which Marketing Channels You’re Going to Use to Garner Support

Once you understand your market, you’ll be in a far better position to select which promotion channels you’re going to use. Not so very long ago, the options for marketing were rather limited – typically TV, radio, print, and billboards. However, with the explosion of web technologies and the internet, there are now almost limitless ways you can stand out from the crowd and entice donations.

From social media services to websites and supported Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online advertising, like that offered by, you should identify the vehicle that works best for you and is most likely to get your campaign noticed.

Craft a Message and Media That Is Most Likely to Resonate with Your Market

Perhaps the most crucial part of any non-profit campaign is finding your voice and finding ways to create compelling content. Video has a proven track record of being the most engaging media – particularly online – and with so many channels and social platforms now featuring video streaming, this may well prove your most effective route to help you reach out for donations. Moreover, video production is now cheaper than ever, while broadcasting fees are minimal compared to that of just a couple of decades ago when TV advertising was the only option.