Top Tips to Improve Your Brand Image

Brand Image

In any company, it is of paramount importance to have a strong and memorable brand. It is recognized that consumers will often choose brands that they are familiar with over rival brands of which they are unaware. A well-developed brand image can influence buyer behaviour, especially if the brand is associated with positive traits or attributes. In short, building a strong brand image can lead to higher levels of sales and, therefore, a higher amount of profits generated. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what steps are needed to build or improve a brand image. Company owners may not be adept with advanced levels of marketing skills and may be reluctant to apportion funding to brand-building exercises if the benefits are not obvious after they have taken place. In this article, three top tips and strategies that can be used to build a strong brand image without needing to commit immense sums of money will be discussed.

Custom Workwear

A brand image will commonly include the company logo, which should be unique and easy to remember and identify so that customers can recognize it when they are purchasing goods. Brands like Cadbury use the colour purple and their custom logo to allow customers to recognize their products in packed supermarket aisles and this can often lead to customers choosing their products over rival offerings. You can build and improve your brand image effectively by creating custom workwear for your employees. Companies such as will be able to work with you to add your company branding and logos to professional quality workwear. Once your workforce is dressed in company-branded clothing, it will allow them to promote a positive brand image and help to build brand recognition in the minds of customers.

Product Differentiation

As every marketing professional knows, product differentiation is a key strategy to allow the company brand and product range to stand out in the marketplace. In short, it is achieved by giving your products or services a unique selling point (USP) that allows them to stand out when placed against rival offerings by competitors. For example, your products could be made from 100% recycled products so that they appeal to the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. Perhaps the product could also be made from sustainably sourced ingredients or components that elevate it in the eyes of your customer base.

Support Good Causes

As a final top tip, a company can improve its brand image by supporting worthwhile causes or charities. Ideally, these will resonate with your customer base and will encourage them to choose your product over rival offerings that do not support such causes. For example, TOMS shoes footwear company pledges one-third of their total profits to grassroots organizations that work to reduce gun violence and promote improved mental health in local communities. This type of pledge allows the company to benefit from good publicity and is an integral part of building its positive brand image. When looking to support worthwhile causes and charities, it is important to conduct market and consumer research on your target market to ascertain what your clients feel strongly about and what causes they support. You can then choose a cause or charity that truly resonates with your customer base.