Five Ways to Stay Calm During Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is a momentous occasion and if you have been wanting to start or increase your family, it’s an exciting time. However, the early days and weeks of pregnancy can be a worrying time. You may not be assigned a midwife until you’ve had a 12-week scan and as your baby is too small to feel it moving, it can be hard to know if everything is developing as it should. These five tips can help you stay calm in early pregnancy.

Share Your News with Trusted Friends, Family and Colleagues

You might be wary of sharing your news during the first weeks of pregnancy, but by choosing a select group of trusted people, you can have a support group that are there for you. If you are struggling with fatigue or morning sickness, they will be able to help you and will be more understanding if they realise it’s because you’re growing a new life inside you!

Take It Easy

The first trimester is a time of great change and development for both you and your baby. Your body is adjusting to these changes meaning you may feel particularly tired, tearful, or short-tempered. Allow yourself time to rest guilt-free, whether that’s curling up on the settee with your favourite TV show or having a relaxing bath.

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Accept Offers of Help

Your mind is working overtime as you process the pregnancy and think of the changes that need to be made to your home and lifestyle over the coming months. Allow your loved ones to help with practical tasks so you don’t also have to juggle the mental load. Perhaps ask your partner to take on more of the chores within the house or allow grandparents to help with childcare. You might also decide to get help in the form of a cleaner, gardener or live-in babysitter on a short-term basis or make use of help that is available such as after-school clubs.

Don’t Worry Alone

In the early days and weeks of pregnancy it can be hard to believe you are pregnant, especially if you are fortunate enough not to suffer with any negative side-effects. Equally, if you are feeling especially unwell during your pregnancy you may be struggling to cope with everyday life.

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If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, don’t worry alone.

Talk to the professionals at a specialist pregnancy clinic such as who will be able to advise you. Scans and screening tests are available to put your mind at ease.


We all have a busy lifestyle, and it is good practice to take time to slow down and relax. Meditation during pregnancy has been shown to be beneficial for mums-to-be with mindfulness techniques helping you to sleep more deeply, release tension and prepare for labour.

Staying calm and free from worry isn’t always easy but by taking these steps to relax you are giving yourself the best possible chance of having a healthy, happy pregnancy.