What the Website Development Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

website development process

Are you an entrepreneur or start-up developing a website?

The web is a great place to start a business. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the technological elements of development.

You might wonder what the website development process looks like. After all, your website helps define what your business is and how you portray yourself to the world.

You need to develop a website that works for your business. Keep reading to learn more about the different elements of website development.

Information Gathering

Information gathering is the first and most fundamental step of the website development process. It’s done by gathering info on the client’s business, services, audience, and other related topics.

During this stage, communication is key. The developer must develop a rapport with the client to receive accurate, valuable feedback. All questions related to the website’s design and purpose must get asked during this time.

Website Design Process

This phase involves sketching out the various web page layouts, creating designs, and coming up with a visual identity. It is key to decide on the look and feel of the site. Then, you should create mock-ups to illustrate the final product.

This phase involves collecting ideas and understanding of target audience. To create an effective design, the user experience must get considered.

If the design phase gets done right, you can launch an attractive and functional website. You can click for local web design info here. 

Content Writing and Assembly

During this phase, content writers create the copy for the website and store it in a content management system. These writers produce various content for different types of websites. This content is then formatted and added to the website to communicate the company’s message to its audience.

Content writers also take into account other factors. These include ADA compliance, search engine optimization, and other technicalities.

Once written, the content is then either proofread or sent to the editor for review. Following the approval process, the content is then added to the website.


The coding phase of website development is when all the fun begins. You will have a detailed plan, and now it is time to make it come to life. The coders will take the design elements they received and convert them into HTML and CSS code.

From time to time, the code will need modification. But this is where the coders show their true skills and can troubleshoot any issues. The coding phase is an exciting process and brings the website development to life.

Testing, Reviewing, and Launch

During this phase, all developed components of the website must first get tested. A Quality Assurance (QA) team reviews the developed components to make sure they work.

After testing and reviewing, the site is then launched. After this, post-launch activities are then conducted. This involves monitoring the site, tracking user feedback, and performing further testing.

The site is constantly monitored, and any found performance issues get resolved. This phase is vital as it allows companies to properly plan and execute the best possible launch.

The Website Development Process

The website development process is an important and ever-evolving journey. Every step of the way is integral to the success of the final product.

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