What to Expect After Your ACL Surgery

acl surgery

Are you recovering from an ACL injury?

ACL injuries are common in athletes and people who follow physically demanding jobs. It’s also typical for older adults who suffer from osteoarthritis to also have weak and damaged ACLs.

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When this happens, you need to have surgery to repair it.

While having ACL surgery is a huge milestone, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of the woods. Now that the surgery is over, your doctor will have given you instructions on how to recover.

There are some issues, such as pain, that you should expect following this type of surgery. Don’t give up, and keep reading to discover some tips to help you recover.

Managing Pain and Regaining Mobility

Managing pain and regaining mobility after ACL surgery is a challenging but achievable process. The first few weeks are the most crucial in the recovery process.

The first weeks should involve rest, icing, and elevation of the knee. You also need to be diligent with taking any medication prescribed. It’s also important to have regular follow-up visits with your doctor to track progress.

With the right care and effort, anyone can get back to the full range of motion and even resume high-level activities, such as sports or exercise. Everyone’s recovery will be different, but with perseverance and patience, you can expect great progress.

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes Following ACL Surgery

Immediately after your knee surgery, the healing process will begin and the recovery timeline may be long. During the initial period of recovery, it will be important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

You will need to change your eating habits. Ensure that you are consuming plenty of protein and other essential nutrients to assist in the healing process. You will also need to limit certain food items as determined by your physician.

Exercising during ACL surgery recovery is essential. However, doing too much or too little can delay your healing time. You will need to follow instructions given by your physical therapist to allow you to increase your load while protecting your body.

After ACL surgery, it is also important to maintain good sleep habits, manage stress, and avoid activities that can cause re-injury. Ultimately, following your doctor’s orders and listening to your body are the best ways to ensure a successful recovery.

Physical Therapy and Other Rehabilitative Measures

After your ACL surgery, you should expect to begin physical therapy as soon as possible to restore strength and mobility in your knee. The focus of this therapy will be on improving the range of motion and strength, as well as regaining coordination, balance, and proper gait.

Other rehabilitative measures may include ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, and pool exercises. Strengthening exercises of the leg will also help you to regain strength from your injury. Your reliable orthopedic surgeon and services will help guide you through tailored-fit programs.

The rehabilitation program may take months depending on your progress and the severity of your injury. It is important to stay committed and diligent to ensure the best outcomes and a full recovery.

Make a Full Recovery After Your ACL Surgery

After ACL surgery, you should expect your recovery to be a long but rewarding process. With proper rehabilitation and care, you are likely to make a full recovery.

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It is important to reach out for help and guidance if you experience any difficulties during your rehabilitation.

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Your recovery should come with great rewards once the hard work has been done. So, get started now for the best results!

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