5 Things You Can Do to Increase Workplace Safety

workplace safety

What do you do to keep the people in your building safe? Do you have a plan for when there is an active shooter, explosion, social distancing, or lockdown at your building? 

As a manager or head of the team, you should have the answers to these questions and more. If you don’t, then it’s time to work on increasing your workplace safety and getting answers to these questions. 

Don’t delay, start your safety plan today. Here’s what you need to know to make a safety plan that’s going to keep your entire team safe.

1. Establish Robust Policies and Procedures

A good place to start is to make sure everyone is trained on how to use the equipment they are working on. Ensuring that everyone is aware of the potential hazards and best practices associated with the equipment they are using will help to prevent accidents.

Regular maintenance and inspections of the workplace should also be conducted to find any areas that may present safety risks. Introduce an employee safety culture within the organization by having a clear safety policy.

2. Implement Regular Training and Audits

Employers should use both of these methods for safety protocols that are followed. Training is important for employees to understand and follow safety regulations, policies, and standards.

Employees should receive refreshers. They should be required to attend annual refresher courses and receive proper training when new equipment and technologies are introduced.

Audits might also review evacuation plans, inspect fire extinguishers, and check doors to make sure they are secure. Regular training and audits are fundamental aspects of workplace safety and should be prioritized.

3. Establish Clear Lines of Communication

Effective communication can also help workers become familiar with any changes in safety protocols and understand the importance of safety protocols. They need to include safety considerations in the job descriptions.

They have to give employees ample opportunity for feedback and dialog. Employers should foster a culture of safety.  Ensure all workers are aware of their responsibilities. This holds workers accountable for following safety protocols.

4. Upgrade and Maintain Equipment

Equipment should be tested and inspected so that it is in full working order. Old and obsolete machinery should be replaced as soon as possible, and any questionable machinery should be eliminated from the workplace.

All machinery should be equipped with operational guards and any other safety features as necessary. Training and education should be provided for the proper use and care of such equipment. 

5. Promote a Culture of Safety

Make sure employees understand their safety policies and the consequences of not following them. Have safety meetings at least monthly to discuss safety concerns and any recent workplace incidents.

Encourage employees to point out potential safety issues and report any incidents. By having injury case management services available, workplaces reduce their risk of workplace accidents or injuries.

Learn the Things You Can Do to Increase Workplace Safety Starting Today

Employee and employer collaboration is key to obtaining a successful workplace environment that is secure and free of dangerous hazards. Conducting regular safety training, conducting safety inspections, and having proper safety procedures in place are crucial. This is to improve workplace safety.

Staying proactive with workplace safety is essential for the employee’s health and well-being – take action today to create a safe workplace!

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