Explain How Technology Has Affected People’s Activity Levels

Effects of media and technology on fitness and physical activity

Explain How Technology Has Affected People’s Activity Levels? How Does Technology Affect Activity Levels? Read the article to find the answers to these questions.

Nowadays, technology has taken over our lives in ways we never imagined. We can communicate with people worldwide instantaneously through social media and video calling, access any information at the click of a button, and be entertained whenever we’re feeling bored through online videos and games. It’s clear that technology makes life easier and more convenient, but how does it affect our activity levels?

According to the World Health Organization, technology has affected our activity levels more than any other factor in recent history. We’re living in an increasingly fast-paced society, and it seems like we have less and less time to do everything we need to do. But how does technology affect activity levels? And why should we be concerned about this issue? Let’s explore these issues more deeply and find out why the world needs to pay attention to these findings.

Explain How Technology Has Affected People’s Activity Levels

As technology advances, so too does our day-to-day lives. From the invention of the first washing machine to the invention of the television, the invention of the computer, and the invention of smartphones, there is no question that technology has changed how we do things. This applies to how we work and how we live. In an article published in 2013 by The Economist, it states that “As technology changes the way we work, the way we live, and the way we communicate, it is bound to change the way we move,” which is supported by an article published by Harvard.edu that states that “technology can assist…people in ways that support their health and well-being.”

A study published in 2006 examined whether television, computers, and video games influence daily physical activity. When participants used only one of these devices, their overall movement didn’t decrease. But when all three were used simultaneously, people walked 20% less than usual and burned 300 fewer calories. A more recent survey found that people who surfed online for at least 10 hours a week were two times more likely to become overweight or obese than those who spent less time on their computers. The researchers suspect that digital entertainment might distract people from exercising or moving around at home.

Negative impacts of technology on health

Explain How Technology Has Affected People's Activity Levels

Musculoskeletal issues

According to a study published in BMJ Open, looking down at electronic gadgets for long periods can lead to neck, elbows, hands, and back pain. Each hour spent looking down at a screen increases your risk of neck and upper-back problems by two percent. Make sure you take breaks and stand up now and then to stretch those sore muscles.

Digital eye strain

The blue light in electronic devices can cause digital eye strain. Here are a few ways to reduce eye strain when working with your digital devices: Larger monitors, more distance from your computer, and full-spectrum lighting can all help reduce eyestrain. Furthermore, you may be able to adjust your monitor settings to reduce exposure to blue light. When possible, avoid looking at bright screens before bedtime—it can make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Disrupted sleep

A recent study showed that using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone before going to bed can affect your sleep. According to experts, light-emitting devices trigger melatonin suppression in humans—meaning that even a brief exposure (like your morning alarm) can reset your body’s internal clock. So you’re likely to have trouble falling asleep when it’s time for bed.

Physical inactivity

We now use technology to save time, and those who spend a lot of time on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets may find they have less time to exercise. There is no doubt that excessive use of technology can lead to physical inactivity, especially for younger generations. If you’re trying to get fit but are struggling with staying active, try turning off your devices and getting out into nature.

Psychological issues

Everyone knows screen time can affect physical wellbeing. If you want to lose weight or feel better, cut down on screen time. But did you know that excessive screen time can also negatively affect mental and emotional well-being? A recent study found that increased screen time-correlated with higher levels of psychological distress. This could mean things like more stress, anger, and depression. These negative emotions make maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime difficult. Plus, it’s just plain stressful!

Explain How Technology Has Affected People's Activity Levels

Tips for using technology in a healthy way

As we have mentioned above, technology has negatively affected human activity levels, but this isn’t the case in every circumstance. When it comes to physical activity, you can use technology to boost your activity level and keep you moving throughout the day. Now there are many apps available that can help you to monitor your daily exercise, food, and movement routine. You can use them to promote your healthy lifestyle.

The following are some useful tips for healthily using technology:

  • Set screen time limit and strictly follow.
  • Remove the time-consuming and unnecessary apps because they insist you check constant updates.
  • Don’t use screens for a longer period. Take regular breaks.
  • Don’t bring electronic devices to your bedroom. Try to avoid them for at least 1 hour before going to sleep.
  • Always give priority to real-world relationships instead of online interactions.
  • Use fitness apps for monitoring physical activities.

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Let’s Sum Up

It’s clear that technology has affected people’s activity levels, but this is not entirely clear. It’s been shown that people are less active in their day-to-day lives now than they were in the past, but the internet is also an outlet for many people to become more active. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so it’s important to be aware of these factors and how they affect our activity levels. When people are more active, it’s better for society’s overall health.

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