Healthy Hair Care for the Over 50s

Hair Care

For most women and a fair number of men, their hair, regardless of its style, color, cut, and length, contributes to how they appear to others and feel inside. For this reason, taking care of your hair health is important.

As you get older, there are lots of changes that occur in your body. These can make it more difficult to take care of your hair. So, with that being said, continue reading for some healthy hair care tips for the over fifties.

Consume More Iron & Protein

When looking into changes to your diet to help promote healthier hair, nails, and skin, you should start to include more iron and protein in your main meals. Foods such as dried apricots, soybeans, red kidney beans, liver (unless you are pregnant), and red meat all contain nutrients that are great for hair health.

Moreover, if you have started to notice hair thinning, or even more than the natural volume of hair falling out after a bath, shower, or a detangling brush, then you should consult your doctor to see if you have been living with an iron deficiency.

Look for Volume & Lift

Considering the hairstyle and haircut itself, as you get older, the more volume and lift in your hair, the better.

Why not treat yourself to a haircut from an award-winning salon like Poppy Salon Woodland CA. Not only will you notice a dramatic change in the level of volume in your hair, but the hairdresser’s expertise will help you to achieve the same level of lift at home.

Regular Scalp Massages

If you are someone who regularly uses styling products, straighteners, hair curlers, or blow dries their hair after a bath or shower, then there may well be a build-up of styling products, natural oils, and even bits of dust and other debris from the heating tools.

To rid your scalp and roots of such debris, from now on and ideally after you have just towel-dried your hair, use a naturally produced bristle brush or your fingers to massage your scalp and roots gently. A scalp massage will increase the blood circulation to your head and thus stimulate hair growth, as well as help to prevent itchy, dry, and flaky skin.

Choose the Right Shampoo for You

When it comes to the shampoo you use, it is now time to stop simply buying the bottle of shampoo that is on offer that particular week and instead choosing a product specifically designed for thinning and/or aging hair. Be sparing when applying shampoo and ensure that you only use shampoo on the area of hair directly sitting on your head, as excessive shampoo use can remove the natural oils in your hair strands.

In addition, from now on, try not to excessively use conditioner when you condition your hair. Only use such a product on the lengths of your hair, not on your scalp, every other time you wash your hair, at the very most.

As you get older, your hair needs more protection, so with these tips, you can keep your hair as healthy as possible.